Private Detectives Oxford Gives Advice Concerning Fraud

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Private Detectives Oxford Gives Advice Concerning Fraud

Private Detectives Oxford gives advice concerning fraud cases in the society after reading the BBC News article, dated 18 June 2015: Fake online customer reviews ‘for sale’, BBC finds.

Private Detectives Oxford Gives Advice Concerning Fraud

According to the BBC News article, dated 18 June 2015:; a BBC investigation has found a global trade in fake customer reviews. Research suggests that at least 20% of comments posted on review websites are bogus. As reported by Angus Crawford, a BBC News reporter saying that some of the companies like Tripadvisor, has reviews for almost everything from hospitals, cars, hotels to computers. Crawford further stated that how fur should you trust them. In another incidence, most of the business loans posted are fake as in one case they used a profile for one Ashley Griffin who recommended business loans to almost everyone, only for them to realize she died in a car accident on Novemeber 18, 2008, almost seven years ago. Greg Booth, Ashley’s father confirmed the photo of her daughter and her death and said the culprits should be dealt with. A site known as Trustpilot post fake reviews, Chris Emmins of Kwik Chex, said: “Someone is basically generally stealing our identities and putting fake reviews to build reputation of this company ‘Trustpilot’.” There is evidence that companies are paying writers to post positive comments to boost the profile of their business.

After reading the article recorded in the BBC News, Private Detectives Oxford ( offers advice in regards to fraud cases. In the world today, the rise of technology has both merits and demerits which affect us differently. Some take this advantage to exploit others without their knowledge. Fraud cases, especially online are on the rise as many people are being cheated and trapped in different ways. When such a case occurs, hire a private investigator with the right expertise and devices to handle your case. Private Detectives Oxford is well equipped with modern devices and methods that it uses to obtain accurate results in its investigation. Private Detectives Oxford has an experience of over 25 years with most of its staff having worked in the past with government agencies, military or the police. Moreover, Private Detectives Oxford has a team of expertises that are caring and are more than willing to offer help whenever a client calls for assistance. If you hire Private Detectives Oxford, you get services that are offered at a very high level leading to accurate results but are also kept confidential.

Chief investigator, Private Detectives Oxford, Chris Long ( advises people to report fraud cases before matters are out of hand. Fraud can lead to loss of funds or privacy documents maybe infringed by culprits. Private Detectives Oxford ( offers their services at very minimum costs to all. Chief investigator, Chris Long, also says that with Private Detectives Oxford, you are assured of getting the results you dearly seek for as they have a team of experts who work around the clock to ensure every single detail in the investigation is obtained. Chris Long, Chief investigator at Private Detectives Oxford can be contacted on 01865 930 124.

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