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Private Detective Peterborough Gives Advice on How to Handle Criminal Cases



Private Detective Peterborough gives advice on how to handle criminal cases using more advanced means upon reading the article described in The Telegraph, dated 10 March 2015:Career criminal jailed after being tracked down by teenager using a mobile phone app.

In light of the article published by the Telegraph, dated 10 March 2015:, Grant Alam, 24, one of the 5 gang masked men who terrorized a company director, his wife and family with iron bars and a hammer, is starting a 10-and-a-half years in jail after he admitted aggravated burglary and theft in a hearing at Bolton crown court(T20147232). Grant Alam, a career criminal was caught after a 13-year-old son of Stephen Maguire used a mobile phone app to help police track him down. The incident happened at around 9.30pm on September 7, 2014 as Mr. and Mrs. Maguire were watching TV at their £400,000 luxury home in the Egerton area, when attackers  wearing hoods and covering their faces with scarves got in through the back door confronting them with a hammer and an iron bar used to strike the family’s dog. Some of the items stole by the gang after demanding for the cash and safe were; 42-year-old  Mr. Maguire’s Mercedes 220 and his wife Kelly’s grey Mini plus gadgets worth £7,700 including iphones, ipads, two watches including a silver Tag Heuer, and an Amazon Kindle, as well as a wallet and a purse. After the case, Det Sgt Tammy Woodhouse, of Greater Manchester police, said: “This young family were subjected to a truly terrifying ordeal at the hands of Alam and his co-conspirators”. He added; “Not only did they threaten this family with hammers, but they also stooped to the cowardly level of threatening to take the entire family to a cash machine just to get their hands on some money.” The police used the information that was provided by Jack, a son to the Maguire’s, to arrest Alam shortly afterwards still dressed in clothes matching the description given to police after their daughter, Olivia a 9-year-old, made a 999 call.

In accordance to the article in the Telegraph, Private Detective Peterborough ( provides advice on how a person should handle criminal cases. Private Detective Peterborough has sophisticated methods and modern devices that help a lot in the investigations and provision of accurate results. At Private Detective Peterborough, a team of both male and female specialist will hear out your phone forensics investigation case and suggest all the possible actions that can be used to handle your case. Criminal cases are a bit sensitive like this one for burglary, hence selecting the most experienced and reliable investigators like Private Detective Peterborough is key to obtain accurate results for your case.

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