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Private Detective Luton Offer Advice on Theft Cases



to the article written in The Telegraph, dated 20 February 2015:Carer, 19, caught on camera stealing from pensioner’s purse; Private Detective Luton offers advice when it comes to theft cases.

Upon reading the article as described by The Telegraph, dated 20 February 2015: ; Sheryvone Brooks, 19, of Sedgley, West Midlands, was caught on camera stealing money £30 and pocketing it from a pensioner’s purse, a 85-year-old, Evelyn Nicholson after her suspicious employers installed a CCTV camera. After the Pensioner’s family become concerned about money going missing, the Bosses at Gateway health social care Dudley decided to put a camera in Evelyn Nicholson’s room. The undercover According surveillance captured Brooks; who had been the pensioner’s carer for six months and she was seen rummaging through drawers and stealing cash form Evelyn purse. The clear CCTV footage shows Mrs. Evelyn sitting in a chair with a cup of tea next to drawers at her home in Stourbridge, West Midlands. It further shows Brooks perched in the same chair and captures the moment she takes a look to see if the pensioner is watching before quickly opening the drawer, after which she takes out a red purse and stands up before taking out the cash and stuffing it in her pocket. Brooks pleaded guilty to a count of theft at Dudley magistrate’s court, but they bailed her to appear at Wolverhampton crown court (s20150072) for sentencing on March 18 this year. Mrs. Nicholson’s eldest son, Robert smith, 65, spoke after hearing and he said that, his mother had been heartbroken when she found out that Brooks had been stealing from her. He added: “My mother said if Brooks had come to her and told her she had financial difficulties she would have given her money.” A spokesman for Gateway health and social care Dudley confirmed that Brooks had been dismissed of her duties to the Pensioner.

Private Detective Luton ( offers advice on theft cases after reading the article in The Telegraph. At Private Detective Luton, they provide a very good investigation service that leaves nothing to chance with their highly skilled personnel. To get accurate results from Investigations, a person requires to hire the right investigators like Private Detective Luton who are well equipped with modern equipments like CCTV’s, vehicle tracking and mobile tracking devices which can play a big part in investigations. Private Detective Luton has a great team with over 25 years of experience, discusses the measures that can be taken to handle your case and offers an investigation that is confidential.

Craig Martin, Chief Investigator at Private Detective Luton ( advises people to seek free advice from Private Detective Luton on different cases before hiring them for investigation. Chief Investigator, Craig Martin also tells people to report such incidences of theft promptly as the CCTV footage may sometimes be tampered with. Private Detectives at Luton ( offer exceptional investigation services at an affordable cost. Craig Martin, Chief investigator at Private Detective Luton can be contacted on this number – 01582 920038.

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