Private Detective Leeds Shares Advice When it Comes to Theft Cases

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Private Detective Leeds Shares Advice When it Comes to Theft Cases



In light of the article in The Telegraph, dated 11 March 2015:Thieves steal €9m in French motorway jewellery heist; Private Detective Leeds shares some advice and information when dealing with theft cases.

Upon reading the article published by The Telegraph, dated 11 March 2015: ; a manhunt is underway to catch a group of armed robbers around 15 who successfully trapped  two armoured  at a motorway toll booth in Burgundy, making off with a haul worth around €9m (£6.3) of jewels and art. According to a judicial source, the jewels were being driven to Besancon, near the Swiss border to be sold. A French Television said that the gang used gas on the four van drivers as they commandeered the vehicles. The French police said that the heist was carried out by heavily armed and battle-hardened individuals, all masked, whom arrived in four cars which they made a gateway in high-speed towards Paris after emptying the vans and setting them on fire a short distance from the toll booth. A police source told AFP that: “We’re probably talking about well-informed guys from an organised criminal network. No shots were fired and it all happened in a flash.” The two drivers of the two armoured vans had been taken into custody but none has been charged. Since 2009, the Heist was the biggest on an armoured vehicle when Tony Musulin, a security guard, disappeared along with his van which happened to be carrying €11.5 million in cash. In recent years, France has suffered a series of high profile jewellery thefts made by gangs that use increasingly sophisticated tactics. Some of the jewellery thefts are; in February 2015, 8 men stole more than €100m worth of luxury watches, necklaces and earrings on a jewellery boutique off the Champs Elysees, another incidence happened in October 2007, four men raided 360 items of jewellery and 120 watches worth more than €32m on Harry Winston store on Avenue Montaigne among other jewellery theft cases.

After reading the article, Private Detective Leeds ( decided to give advice and share some information concerning theft cases and how they should be dealt with. For a successful theft investigation case to be carried out, Private Detective Leeds advises people to hire experienced and highly skilled Detectives to help them solve such. Private Detective Leeds Investigators are expertise with experience as most of them have worked as practitioners in military, government agencies and police enabling them to handle theft cases of any nature and from any background. Private Detective Leeds has modern devices and advanced methods that enable them to produce accurate findings and fully satisfy their customers beyond any doubt.

Chief Investigator, Chris Wright ( advises people to seek investigation services from Private Detective Leeds as they offer prompt and less costly services. Chris Wright also says that at Private Detective Leeds (, the team handling a client’s case takes the time to understand the dilemma of the client for a more appropriate action to be taken to handle the case. You can get in touch with the Chief Investigator, Chris Wright on this number – 0113 418 2123.

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