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Private Detective Leeds Offers Private Investigation Services

As reported in the BBC News article, dated 19 June 2015: Hospital doctor secretly recorded making patient threat. Private Detective Leeds offers investigation services concerning such cases.

Private Detective Leeds Offers Private Investigation Services

According to the BBC News article, dated 19 June 2015:; a disabled man, by the name David Massey, a 54-year-old, had secretly recorded a verbal abuse by a hospital doctor and later received an apology from an NHS trust. David Massey, had recorded the doctor, whom he had previously made a complaint about, saying: “What can I do to you? I can probably beat you up, I suppose.”

After the police were called, one of the officers had suggested leaving David “on the Cat and Fiddle” A537road in Chesire. Chesire police said that they “regret” the incident. Mr. Massey also said that he thought the incident, which occurred in March 2014, was “disgraceful”. It happened when Mr. Massey, who had diabetes and chronic back pain, went to an out-of-hours clinic at Macclesfield General Hospital, when he had severe pain and needed another pain-relieving patch. The doctor refused to give him any medication but Mr. Massey declined to leave and it’s when he started secretly recording the conversation with the Doctor on his phone, after a long discussion. The doctor tried to figure out how he could get Mr. Massey to leave the room and he was heard saying: “I can probably beat you up I suppose.” Mr. Massey then replied: “You’re going to beat me up?”. To which the doctor responds: “Yeah”. Mr. Massey said: “I think it is disgraceful really that a doctor can say that to somebody and he’s still practicing”. In another incident, a policewoman had suggested leaving Mr. Massey on the remote rural road between Buxton and Macclesfield which is also known as the Cat and Fiddle, this is after the police officers spent time trying to get him to leave the hospital. “The constabulary regrets the way the comment by the officer made Mr. Massey feel and the officer concerned has taken the learning from this incident,” a Chesire police spokeswoman said.

After reading the article published by BBC News, Private Detective Leeds ( offers help when it comes to investigation cases. Private Detective Leeds has the required equipments that can help during investigations of this kind of case. Furthermore, Private Detective Leeds has skilled and professional investigators who can handle a case of any background and nature, whether it concerns theft, fraud or tracing a person. Private Detective Leeds is one of the best investigators in Leeds with a license which proves their services are valid.

Ajay Patel, Chief investigator at Private Detective Leeds ( tells people to be reporting cases of threats, theft, assault and murder among other cases very quickly so that the truth can be found by the investigators. Chief Investigator, Ajay Patel of Private Detective Leeds encourages people to hire Private Detectives Leeds as they offer confidential private investigation services which are at minimal costs. Chief investigator at Private Detectives Leeds, Ajay Patel can be contacted on 0113 335 0772.

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