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Private Detective Ipswich Offer Investigation Services When it Comes to Theft



Upon reading the article in The Telegraph, dated 10 March 2015: Police hunting rustlers who stole dozens of pregnant sheep; Private Detective Ipswich offers investigation services when it comes to theft cases.

In light of the article published by The Telegraph, dated 10 March 2015: ; Rory Gregor, 23, a structural designer and an owner of a rare flock of sheep in Aberdeenshire fears to lose his lambs to be born next week after they were stolen from his field. Mr. Rory said, he had been building the flock since he was 10 years old as a schoolboy and the incident would have a major financial impact on his business. The sheep are recognizable from the blue ID numbers on their backs which range from 12 to 72 and are all tagged. The thieves took the Beltex sheep, which were due to lamb next week, after they cut down the electric fence in a field outside Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. The sheep rustlers escaped with 31 pregnant pure bred ewes worth an estimated £160,000. Mr. Rory Gregory said that the thieves may have taken the opportunity after realizing how tame the ewes were and also added that rustling was uncommon in their area. Mr. Gregory said: “Half of the lambs will probably no longer be born because the stress and the trauma of being moved will make some of the mothers naturally abort the lambs.” Mr. Gregory’s appeal on Facebook for the stolen sheep safe return has been shared more than 3,500 times and the Scotland police said that they wanted to trace a 4×4 vehicle with a trailer that is believed to have been used in the theft late that Sunday.

Private Detective Ipswich ( after reading the article in The Telegraph decided to share information and give a lead on how to deal with theft cases. Private Detective Ipswich can handle any kind of theft case that you might present as they have a 25-years experience in private Investigations. The techniques used and the technology that Private Detective Ipswich has help to acquire prompt and accurate results for your case no matter how complex it may appear. Private Detective Ipswich has a well trained team whom have passed through the police and military enabling them to tackle cases in different scenarios and challenges that comes their way. A team with expertise and high skills has a high chance of unfolding the real events of an investigation, while hiring a private investigator, consider such terms as private Detectives Ipswich has all those qualities to serve you better.

Chief Investigator at Private Detective Ipswich, Wanda Turner ( enlightens people to report theft cases immediately they discover. Private Detective Ipswich has skilled staffs that are more than willing to handle your case immediately they receive a call. Chef Investigator, Wanda Turner says that at Private Detective Ipswich ( they offer very good investigation services that will help you get accurate results at a lower cost. Chief Investigator at Private Detective Ipswich can be reached on this number – 01473 530 048.

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