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Private Detective Chelmsford Provides Investigation Services on Theft Cases



According to the article described in The Telegraph, dated 13 March 015: Russell and Bromley shop assistant steals designer shoes to sell on eBay; Private Detective Chelmsford provides investigation services on theft cases.

In light of the article published by The Telegraph, dated 13 March 2015: ; Eva Jaciskova, 37, a Slovakian national, had a job at Russell and Bromley’s flagship store in Oxford street as a shop assistant when she began stealing the pricey footwear. The incident was discovered when Eva colleagues at Russell and Bromley spot large amount of expensive stock on internet auction site (eBay) and launched investigation. Eva Jaciskova stole designer shoes before selling them on eBay, some of the shoes she took include: Laura, Diva and Skater styles worth £1,214, with some pairs worth as much as £395, before the staff grew concerned about a thief in their midst. Eva walked out with £7,363 of goods before staff spotted the large amount of stock on the eBay account and launched an investigation. The Southwark Crown Court (s20150041) heard that, Jaciskova then sold some of the shoes on the internet auction site which is eBay. The Prosecutor, Peter Zinner, said: “There was an element of pre-planning and deviousness the defendant left empty boxes in the right place in the stock room.” He added; “However, the staff were concerned that in fact that was just the tip of the iceberg because a significant number of shoes had gone missing from the stock room and a further 19 pairs of shoes were discovered having been stolen.” Eva Jaciskova appeared in the dock wearing Ugg-style black boots and wept as the details of her crimes were read to the court. Jaciskova, from High Wycombe, avoided prosecution when she pleaded guilty to a single count of theft and agreed to hand in her resignation on the same day.

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