Leicester Private Investigators Provides Information on How to Handle Scammers

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Leicester Private Investigators Provides Information on How to Handle Scammers



Upon reading the article published by The Telegraph, dated 23 March 2015:Scammers target family who appealed for help online to find their missing beagle; Leicester Private Investigators provides information on how to handle scammers online.

In light of the article in The Telegraph, dated 23 March 2015: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/11489387/Scammers-target-family-who-appealed-for-help-online-to-find-their-missing-beagle.html , Linda Lissaman, the pet owner said online trolls tried to hold her ransom after she posted the details of her chocolate tri-coloured beagle, Jake on missing dog websites. The dog went missing just after Christmas and the owners say online scammers have emailed them threatening to poison their pet if they’re not paid off. Before the dog disappeared on December 27, Jake was being walked in Berkswell, in the west midlands, near the railway station, when he ran off after spotting a fox and he did not return. In January, they started receiving emails claiming that Jake has been found, but when Mrs. Lissaman asked for pictures to verify it, the emailer told them the dog they had found was theirs before he asked for £210 to drive Jake to their Leamington home. When Mrs. Lissaman said she will pay on arrival, the emailer wrote: “Oh am afraid I can only collect the money via PayPal or I poison the beagle bye.” He then wrote, “Since I don’t hear from you and the beagle food is too expensive and I don’t think I can bear it anymore maybe I will kill him or I should drop him inside a river close to my house here cus am travel today.” Mrs. Lissaman decided to call in the police who said the emailer could be prosecuted for sending a malicious communication, but the officers soon traced the sender to Kenya. The family are still searching for Jake, who was last spotted in Ryton in January and are using the Facebook group “Search continues for Jake the beagle’’ in case you spot him.

Leicester Private Investigators (https://leicester-privateinvestigators.co.uk) offers information on how to deal with scammers, after reading the article published in The Telegraph. Leicester Private Investigators offer great investigation services at a very affordable cost but with assured accurate evidence. Fraud cases may be sometimes challenging, but Leicester Private Investigators has devices like tracking and surveillance devices that get to the bottom of any case no matter how advanced it appears to be. Leicester Private Investigators has a very skilled team with a lot of experience as most of them have worked in the police or military hence, they have the ability to deal and handle with all the diverse ethnic and cultural depth of the people.


Chief Investigator, Chloe Scott (c.scott@leicester-privateinvestigators.co.uk) informs people to report such cases immediately as scammers may take the slightest opportunity to manipulate them for selfish gains. Chief investigator, Chloe Scott says, Leicester Private Investigators (https://leicester-privateinvestigators.co.uk) offer great services at a very lesser cost but provide you with accurate evidence obtained through their sophisticated methods. Chief Investigator Chloe Scott can be contacted on 0116 312 0304.


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