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How To Follow Through A Murder Investigation: A Guide By Private Investigator Northampton



Concerned by the article in BBC News published on March 23rd 2015, “Claudia Lawrence: Murder arrest over missing York Chef”, the private investigator’s at Northampton talk about the ways through which a murder case can be followed through.

The article in BBC News published on March 23rd 2015:, talks about a man arrested based on the alleged murder of the missing York chef, Claudia Lawrence. The suspect from York has been taken under custody as the victim has not yet been found. The victim, Claudia, disappeared from the place of residence after leaving home for work on an afternoon of March 19th in the year 2009. In 2015 in the month of March the police reopened the case and began investigations in the alleyway behind the victim’s place of residence to perhaps come across fresh clues that were missed out on before. Even more extensive searches are still going on. Claudia’s family has been informed of any progress that is being made. The man was not arrested before for this particular case. Though the family is hopeful, the police have arrested two individuals under the matter but neither has been charged of the murder yet. At the sixth anniversary of the victim’s death, the case still remains open and unresolved.

Responding to the article published in BBC News, the private investigator Northampton, (, shed some light on how a murder investigation can be solved without wasting six years of someone’s time. The investigators talk about how the crime scene should be deconstructed very thoroughly as to no stone should be left untouched and no clue ignored. It is only after each clue has been deconstructed that any hopes of finding the missing person or the killed individual can be found. The detectives talk about how a murdered person might have left behind a trail of blood, if not that, then the crime scene area can be filtered out and sent out for DNA testing. Not only does this test confirm the place where the murder was committed but might also lead the experts to the DNA of the criminal. In order to do this quickly, prompt action becomes an imperative and the experts at Northampton always deliver.

The chief investigator at Private Investigators Northampton (, Aaron Hill speaks of how negligence can lead to serious consequences for the missing person and effectiveness avoid. The detective says “Just one single move can save the life of a person. We at Northampton do not waste a single second when we know someone’s life depends on it. A single area is swept so effectively that we can guarantee our clients that our results are foolproof. It is only then a case can proceed without any possible loopholes and errors.” Aaron Hill can be contacted through the company’s telephone number (01604 330 245).

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