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Glasgow Private Detectives Provides Private Investigation Services

Glasgow Private Detectives provides investigation services upon reading the article written in Sky News, dated 15 June 2015: Ear’s A Strange Way to Unlock Amazon Phone.

Glasgow Private Detectives Provides Private Investigation Services

According to the article published by Sky News, dated 15 June 2015: , The ear could be used to unlock phones after Amazon received a patent for technology that would see a smartphone scan a user’s ear to unlock itself. People were used to fingerprints to unlock phones but Amazon has now developed a way to unlock phones using the shape of a user’s ear. The technology works when a smartphone’s front-facing camera would is used to scan the user’s shape, which appears to be unique as a fingerprint of a person. The image is then matched with saved image and outline of the user’s ear, which then unlocks the device. “An electronic device can attempt to capture at least one image including at least a portion of a user’s ear when the user utilizes the electronic device for certain purposes, such as to receive a call or listen to an audio file,” The Abstract of the patent paper said. Researchers have previously said that the ear is one of the most reliable biometric identification devices due to its ability not to change much as someone ages. Another alternative use for the ear recognition device is an automatic speakerphone-volume adjustment based on the distance from the phone to the user. With this technology of ear unlocking-system, Amazon could try to use it to differentiate itself from two of the big players in the smartphone market.

Glasgow Private Detectives ( offers information to the people concerning investigations. Technologies are changing daily with the old being replaced by the new technology, but it’s good to check the security and determine if it’s worthwhile to be used. Glasgow private detectives have the required experience in the investigation field of more than 25 years and therefore they can handle any case. Security concerns should be well investigated and checked before a person embraces a new technology or even application as a person can be dubbed into a bad situation. Glasgow Private Detectives are well equipped with modern weapons and if you are faced with any kind of case that requires private investigation services, they are at your aid. With the highly professional staffs at Glasgow private detectives, they can easily listen to your case and take you through various processes that will enable you decide on the best way your case can be handled.

Chief investigator at Glasgow private Detectives, Hannah Gold ( advises people to seek immediate help concerning cases that require investigations. Glasgow private detectives offer’s one of the best services in Glasgow and its outskirts at a very affordable cost. Hannah Gold, Chief investigator at Glasgow private detectives tells people not to take cases like this one that has security concerns lightly. Such cases should be reported immediately so that precautionary measures can be taken. Hannah Gold at Glasgow Private Detectives can be contacted on 0141 447 0042.

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