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Glasgow Private Detectives Offer’s PC Investigation Services

Upon reading the article published by The Telegraph, dated 15 June 2015: Sexting, webcams and naked WhatsApp contents: The secret online lives of children. Glasgow Private Detectives offer’s investigation service in regard to this incidence.

Glasgow Private Detectives Offer’s PC Investigation Services

In light of the article published by The Telegraph, dated 15 June 2015:, Dr. Laura Toogood reported that The National Crime Agency has launched a new campaign to educate parents about children sending sexually explicit images of themselves on the web and she offers tips on dealing with this disturbing trend. The National Crime Agency also launched a campaign to give parents advice on how to respond if their children were involved in sexting. The Agency further warned of practices of sexting and sending nude or explicit photographs over the internet which has become ‘normal’ among teenagers. It also said that children can be left vulnerable to exploitation or blackmail, and is even being used by sex offenders in a bid to snare youngsters to rape and abuse. In another occurrence the Detectives dubbed it ‘sextortion’ where under 18’s are tricked into sending intimate photographs of themselves to adult sex offenders who then attempt to blackmail them into sending more. Another worrying report indicates that we may only have seen the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the online sexual abuse of children. There is no one who can consider their children safe when they are in their bedroom at home: webcams, chat rooms, online dating sites and iPhone apps present a whole host of threats. Head of safeguarding at CEOP Command, Zoe Hilton, said: “Something that has started out as relatively innocent or normal for the young people involved has unfortunately turned into something that is quite nasty and needs intervention in order to safeguard and protect the child.” She added; “Some of the worst examples are children sharing images of themselves and making themselves very vulnerable.”

Glasgow Private Detectives ( provide investigation services to people who are faced with different cases. The new technology has exposed children to different threats. But as parents, it’s good to know what your child is engaging in so that you can somehow have a say in their activities especially online. Glasgow Private Detectives have several equipments which can be used to control and undertake pc forensics investigations on what your child is engaging in. With accurate results and timely updates, Glasgow Private Detectives can help you to help your child from visiting dangerous sites by alerting you in advance. Also, with the experience that Glasgow Private Detectives have, they can handle other dubious cases that may arise online which your kid might have been manipulated by tracking down the culprits.

Hannah Gold, Chief investigator at Glasgow Private Detectives ( says that it’s good for parents to report instantly in case they come across a case such like this one. Children should be protected and parents can seek investigation services from Glasgow Private Detectives at a very affordable cost. Chief investigator at Glasgow Private Detectives, Hannah Gold can be contacted on 0141 447 0042.

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