Glasgow Private Detectives Gives Advice When It Comes To Tracing A Person

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Glasgow Private Detectives Gives Advice When It Comes To Tracing A Person

According to the BBC News article, dated 18 June 2015: 1971 message in a bottle reunited with Carlisle man: Glasgow Private Detectives gives advice when it comes to tracing of a person.

Glasgow Private Detectives Gives Advice When It Comes To Tracing A Person

In light of the article published by BBC News, dated 18 June 2015:; Raymond Davidson, a 58-year-old man, was reunited with a message in a bottle he wrote 44 years ago after it was found washed up in Scotland. An Australian couple Sean and Shelley found a bottle in a sand dune at Rattray Head on the north-east coast. The note inside was dated 15 January 1971 and was written by then 14-year-old Raymond Davidson from Carlisle at the start of 1970s. After a social media campaign to find Mr. Raymond Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas tracked down Mr. Davidson and his wife Denise. Mrs. Thomas said that Mr. Davidson gave the bottle back to the couple in order for them to take it back to Brisbane as a souvenir. Mr. Davidson said he was “overwhelmed” by the social media campaign and he has had more friend requests since it started than when he opened his account.

Upon reading the article recorded in BBC News, Glasgow Private Detectives ( gives tips and tricks on how to handle such a case. Sometimes tracing a person may take time or even fail, but with Glasgow Private Detectives, a person can be provided with accurate information concerning a case that they are investigating about. Glasgow Private Detectives are well equipped with equipments like trackers, cameras, recorders, binoculars and surveillance cameras that can help in an investigation of a case. Glasgow Private Detectives has professional and highly skilled personnel who take their duties seriously which enables them to find, collect and compile accurate data. Investigation cases are very sensitive and require to be kept confidential so that the information obtained is only known by the client and investigator unless otherwise. Furthermore, Glasgow Private Detectives are very helping and whenever you call them to report a case; they hear you out and also provide you with possible courses of actions that can be undertaken to solve your case. With Glasgow Private Detectives, information is kept discreet and clients are treated with the respect that they deserve. Last but not least, Glasgow Private Detectives has experience as most of its investigators worked as either a former military person, police or in different government agencies.

Chief Investigator, Hannah Gold at Glasgow Private Detectives ( provides advice when it comes to cases that concern tracing of a person. Glasgow Private Detectives has an investigation team that is determined and ready to handle a case of any nature or background brought to them. Also, Chief Investigator at Glasgow Private Detectives ( says that they offer investigation services at a very affordable cost. Tracing cases require advanced devices which Glasgow Private Detectives has and helps in tackling a case. Chief investigator, Hannah Gold can be contacted on 0141 447 0042.

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