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Edinburgh Private Detectives Offer Advice and Help on Dash Cam



Upon reading the article published by The Independent, dated 30 March 2015:Police dash cam footage captures incredible maneuver by patrol car to end high-speed car chase; Edinburgh Private Detectives offer help and advice when it comes to Dash cam and surveillance.

In light of the article published by, dated 30 March 2015: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/police-dashcam-footage-captures-incredible-manoeuvre-by-patrol-car-to-end-highspeed-car-chase-10143320.html; Owen faces a list of charges at County court including: fleeing, hijacking, aggravated assault and armed robbery. In a dramatic video released, a number of police cars were seen in pursuit of a black pick-up driven by suspect William Owens after reports that he had used a realistic BB gun to rob the car of a jewellery store owner. Different agencies were involved in the pursue of Owens’ car for 50 miles through Lee County and Baker county in Georgia, as the chase is said to have reached speeds of up to 130 mph. The Georgia state patrol Trooper, Jack stripling was given the task of using a precision immobilization technique manoeuvre to end the pursuit in fear that the getaway pick-up would lead to civilian getting hurt. This happened as the driver was spotted waving his gun through the car window, according to the police. Richard Norman, Drug Unit Corporal who was involved in the chase said: “It took us 15 minutes to cover 20 miles. It’s the longest chase I’ve ever been in.” Owens’ car was brought to a stop, when Stripling eventually managed to nudge the back of the car and cause the vehicle to spin. The video also shows the police leaving the car with their guns and arresting Owen.

After reading the article published by The Independent, Edinburgh Private Detectives (https://edinburgh-privatedetectives.co.uk ) suggests to people to report cases of any kind that they may face or suspect them to happen. With Edinburgh Private Detectives you will receive the best services for Private Investigators as long as you report in advance and give a little information about the case in question. Edinburgh Private Detective has a professional and experienced team with diverse backgrounds from different areas that help obtain accurate results. Edinburgh Private Detective has the most renowned private detective agency in the city with a comprehensive range of options for any issue, be it commercial or personal. Investigators or Detectives have varied experience in Investigations but when you hire Edinburgh Private Detectives, you’ll receive the required attention and accurate results will be provided for you. Edinburgh Private Detectives are well equipped with sophisticated devices like surveillance and tracking devices that they can use to track down and observe fraudsters and criminals on the run.

Chief Investigator, Robert Wilson of Edinburgh Private Detectives (r.wilson@edinburgh-privatedetectives.co.uk) offer advice to people and enlightens them on how to make use of a dash cam or surveillance cameras. Robert Wilson, Chief Investigator at Edinburgh Private Detectives (https://edinburgh-privatedetectives.co.uk ) was concerned about how people should use these surveillance or dash cams to protect themselves from fraudsters by hiring a private Investigator from Edinburgh Private Detectives. Call Chief Investigator, Robert Wilson, Edinburgh Private Detectives on 0131 235 2014, if you want prompt, efficient and accurate results with favorable costs.


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