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Bristol Private Detectives Shares Information Concerning Theft Cases

After reading the article in BBC News, dated 26 March 2015:Darren Lawson and Gianni Donofrio jailed for dental equipment theft; Bristol Private Detectives shares information on how to handle theft cases.

In light of the article published by BBC News, dated 26 March 2015:; Darren Lawson and Gianni Donofrio were jailed for nine months after they admitted stealing dental equipment worth £75,000. The two East Lothian NHS workers Darren Lawson, 41, from Dunbar, took the items from storerooms at NHS Lothian and Gianni Donofrio, 47, of Prestonpans, sold them on eBay. All this happened along Duncan Street Dental Centre in Edinburgh and Edenhall Hospital in Musselburgh in the year 2013. Gianni Donofrio, a facilities site supervisor at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, pledged guilty in resetting the stolen goods within the same period. Also, Darren Lawson, who was a storeman and driver for NHS Lothian, had pled guilty previously for stealing dental equipment between the months 5 March and 5 September in the year 2013. Sheriff Frank Crowe said: “Both of you were in positions of trust. You were previously of good character and admitted the offences at an early stage, but I do find that taking advantage of the NHS and stealing items is a matter the public would be concerned about.” The thefts of the two came to light when a dentist, who had bought some of the equipment, contacted the manufacturers to ask if it was covered by warranty. When the company checked the equipment, it found out that part of the consignment had been sold to NHS Lothian. Earlier, their sentences had been deferred for background reports but were later sentenced at Edinburgh Sheriff court.

Upon reading the article in BBC News, Bristol Private Detectives ( advises people to seek Private Detectives in case they are faced with such cases. If you hire a Private Investigator from Bristol Private Detectives, you will be served by either a male or female Investigator who is caring as they listen to your case keenly before taking the next course of action. Bristol Private Detectives has sophisticated methods and equipments that help them get accurate information as they also have experience with most of them having worked with the police, military or government agencies. Theft cases need a highly skilled team like Bristol Private Detectives who handle incidences of any nature which may be personal or business related.

Mr. Brentwood, Chief Investigator at Bristol Private Detectives ( was kind enough to advice people to hire a well skilled Private Investigator who will ensure accurate information is acquired when handling their cases. Bristol Private Detectives have fair charges which cost you so much to get their investigation services. Chief Investigator, Mr. Bentwood also extended and encouraged people to get a private Investigator From Bristol Private Detectives as they keep information a secret and very confidential to both parties. Chief Investigator, Mr. Bentwood can be reached on this number – 0117 327 0106.

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