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Bristol Private Detectives Offer Employee Investigation Services



Bristol Private Detectives offer employee investigation services, after reading the article published by The Telegraph, dated 27 March 2015: Pilot hid illness from employer.

According to The Telegraph article, dated 27 March 2015:, German Prosecutors said, Andreas Lubitz, a co-pilot responsible for Germanwings Flight 9525 which crashed in the French Alps killing 150 people hid illness from his employers. Andreas Lubitz, 27, from Dusseldorf deliberately crashed the plane in the French Alps-in 60 seconds. As revealed by the New York Times that one of the pilots had been locked out and could be heard banging on the door to get back in. A Hospital in Germany said that Lubitz attended in the months of February and March this year, most recently on March 10, but no clear ailment was being treated. The hospital denied German media reports that it had treated the 27-year-old pilot for depression, as it declined to provide details about his condition. Other reports emerged that a doctor’s note, dated the day of the crash, following Lubitz time off from work due to illness had been torn up. Also, the Daily star reported that Lubitz had recently split from a partner whom was supposed to be engaged and get married next year. Another report from the Bild newspaper Germany said that Lubitz took a break from flight training, which Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr confirmed, and Lubitz was under psychiatric for a year and a half. He was diagnosed with a “major depressive episode.” France’s Prime Minister has called on the Germany airline Lufthansa to provide all possible information “so that we can understand why this pilot got to the point of this horrific “action. Markus Niesczery from Dusseldorf police told the Daily mail after searching the home of the co-pilot, Lubitz: “We have found something which will now be taken for tests. We cannot say what it is at the moment but it may be very significant clue to what has happened.” He added, “We hope it may give us some explanations.”

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