Birmingham Private Investigators Provide Advice When it Comes to Cyber Attacks

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Birmingham Private Investigators Provide Advice When it Comes to Cyber Attacks



In light of the article published by BBC News, dated 30 March 2015:Cyber-attacks hit British Airways, GitHub and Slack; Birmingham Private Investigators offer advice when it comes to cyber attacks cases.

According to the article published by BBC News, dated 30 March 2015: ; The British Airways’ air-miles accounts, the coding site GitHub and the work chat service Slack have all been hit in the latest wave of cyber-attacks. All the firms have notified their users of the incidents, which varied in approach and do not appear to be connected. Also, the firms dealt with the attacks in different ways, and the British Airways has been criticized of how it responded. Furthermore, the Uber users have complained of their accounts being hacked. For the British Airways, complaints about points being stolen from the BA’s Executive Club scheme date back at least a fortnight. One of the users said: “I checked my account yesterday and found that the mobile number had been changed to a Russian one. I changed it back and my miles are still there. Passwords now changed.”  A spokesman from BA said: “This appears to have been the result of a third party using information obtained elsewhere on the internet, via automated process, to try to gain access to some accounts. The British Airways removed the link from subsequent emails and suggested concerned members contact its service centre. For the attack on the Github which is based in San Francisco and used by more than 8 million software developers; has involved an attempt to knock its site offline by flooding it with traffic. Security consultant Alan Wooward, said: “It does look like someone in China is fighting back, as we predicted they would, against those who are trying to circumvent the ‘great firewall of China’.” Report suggest that the data barrage was specifically directed at web pages providing China based users with a way to circumvent local censorship controls. Moreover, slack, a U.S firm valued at being worth $2.8bn firm provides a way for team members to communicate with each other as an alternative to email. Slack believed the hackers had accessed a database that would have allowed them to see user names, email addresses and Skype IDs. Uber also complained as news motherboard reported that login details for Uber are being offered for sale for as little as $1.

Upon reading the article published by BBC News, Birmingham Private Investigators ( offer high quality investigations that can deal with cyber attacks cases very efficiently. Birmingham Private investigators are premier investigators with a highly skilled and professional team (male and female) with a diverse background and experience that provides accurate solution. Birmingham Private Investigators have a friendly team that that will hear out the case brought forward by a client and take time to understand the problem.

Birmingham Private Investigators, Chief Investigator, Viv Clarke ( took the initiative to advice people to report to Birmingham Private Investigators when faced with such cases like cyber attacks. Chief Investigator, Viv Clarke tells people to go for the best Private Investigators if they want accurate results like Birmingham Private Investigator who have sophisticated modern weapons and methods they use to gather data. Birmingham Private Investigators (, Chief Investigator Mr. Viv Clarke, can be contacted on this number – 0121 259 0063.

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