A Criminal Caught Due To His Facebook Activities

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A Criminal Caught Due To His Facebook Activities

In compliance with the article on The Telegraph dated 1st April 2015, a sex offender was caught after flying away to the other side of the world; the police traced him. All this through the live posts he posted on Facebook. It was stated that Steven Allison, the criminal was from Bradford who disappeared even before he was arrested for the said case.

A Criminal Caught Due To His Facebook Activities

The police received the said confrontation from 2 female in a pub. But now, almost a year later, he was caught in an investigation involving West Yorkshire officers, Interpol and Australian authorities and sent back to Britain to be arrested and to complete his 30-month sentence. He was supposed to be sentenced in February last year but he went missing and was given a 30-month sentence in his absence. The detectives became aware of his presence in Sydney where he worked as a handyman, labourer or so it was known from his personal Facebook account named as Steven Stig Allison. After a long time the officers were able to trace his presence in Canberra where he lived recently. He was finally tracked down and held prison in a detention centre until he was allowed to fly back to West Yorkshire where he would face his punishment. Although he did try to escape on the name of an arm injury but the escape plan failed as he was kept on watch and was flown back to UK by 3 Australian security officers to serve his sentence. Following his UK arrest, Detective Inspector Ben McDonald commented that “It was clear that Allison felt he could cheat justice by fleeing the country and escaping to Australia. However, the police will always pursue those wanted for serious crimes such as this, regardless of where they are in the world.” This crime was officially and practically investigated by confronting the two women who were assaulted by the criminal and his friend, in Leeds, while drunk. Allison was drunk and he tried to make advances towards one victim when refused and tried to leave the pub, Leeds, the friend threw his drink over one of the victims and punched both of them to the ground. It is said that the criminal is suppose to show up in the Durham Crown Court (T20131143) for the sentence announcement.

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