Women’s FIFA World Cup German Team to Wear Adidas/IonLoop Flag Bracelet.

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Women’s FIFA World Cup German Team to Wear Adidas/IonLoop Flag Bracelet.

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Women’s FIFA World Cup German Team to Wear Adidas/IonLoop Flag Bracelet.

PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) – Jul 04,2011 –

Dallas, TX — IonLoop has recently been asked to produce, for adidas AG, a German flag bracelet for the German women’s World Cup soccer team. IonLoop, a Dallas based company, provides negative ion and magnetic bracelets to adidas AG worldwide. An adidas/IonLoop German flag bracelet has been given to each of the coaches and team members of the German World Cup team. The adidas/IonLoop German flag bracelet has been made exclusively for the German women’s World Cup team.

The German flag bracelet incorporates the IonLoop black silicone band and features the German flag—the flag bracelet will not only reveal the German World Cup national pride, but may also aid the athletes in recovery after a taxing soccer match. The adidas/IonLoop German flag bracelet being worn by the German women’s World Cup team was produced with IonLoop’s innovative Ion Regeneration Technology™. This pioneering technology has been developed to help neutralize and combat the destructive effects of positive ions in our modern day environment—where athletes are exposed to the positive ions emitted by the UV rays of the sun and are constantly surrounded with items such as computer monitors and smart phones that also radiate positive ions. B

y wearing the German flag bracelet, the German women’s World Cup team is giving themselves the competitive advantage of negative ions leading up to match time. The FIFA Women’s World Cup is currently taking place in 9 German cities, and will be televised by the ESPN networks, from June 26th to July 17th 2011. Besides the two-time defending world champion team from Germany, 15 other women’s soccer teams from around the world have qualified and are competing in the women’s World Cup. Keep an eye out for the adidas/IonLoop German flag bracelet on the practice pitch, at press conferences, team photo shoots, and World Cup team events—and stay in the loop! IonLoop is planning on developing additional flag bracelets for other countries.

To help the IonLoop team decide on which flags to feature next, customers are encouraged to leave a message on the IonLoop Facebook page. For more information on IonLoop’s pioneering Ion Regeneration Technology™, or where to purchase an IonLoop bracelet: visit www.ionloop.com.

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