Web Designers Realize Revenue Increases by Outsourcing to US-Based Tech Company

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Web Designers Realize Revenue Increases by Outsourcing to US-Based Tech Company

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Web Designers Realize Revenue Increases by Outsourcing to US-Based Tech Company

PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) – Mar 31,2010 –

Web designers have long faced a multitude of problems when fulfilling client requests.  For most web designers, a variety of services can be requested creating the need for outsourcing of different project deliverables.   However, now these web designers can seek support from a company birthed as a result of the same problems they currently face.

WebDesignersHelper.com is a 100% owned and operated online service that provides access to its technical staff.  Traci Knoppe, a web designer herself, conceived the idea to solve her own project outsourcing issues.  “Since all my clients are US-based, it became too cumbersome for me – as a web designer – to outsource and manage workers overseas.  There were time difference issues, language barriers, and cultural aspects that simply could not meet the needs for my clients,” Traci states.  “When I looked inside the US, I found there was an abundance of highly qualified, skilled individuals to whom I could outsource.  They delivered at a much higher quality level and at a surprisingly affordable price.”

As Mrs. Knoppe’s refined her outsourcing process, she found that other web designers wanted to utilize the US-based resources she had already uncovered.  “It seemed obvious that I needed to create a business that would allow other web designers to take advantage of what I had found,” she shares.

In only six months, WebDesignersHelper.com has become a hub for all kinds of online entrepreneurs – especially web designers wanting outsourcing options.  Besides the obvious attraction factor of using only US based employees, contractors, and resource partners, WebDesignersHelper.com offers a unique pricing structure that makes it affordable.   The Platinum Plus plan was developed with web designers in mind as it offers the highest amount of task allocation for the price.  In addition, the web designer receives a dedicated project manager who communicates via phone on a weekly basis, and oversees all active tickets the web tech team is handling.  This allows the web designer the freedom to plan his or her time more effectively, have all project elements completed faster, close open customer invoices more rapidly, and still have sufficient time for cultivation of new business.

WebDesignersHelper.com has literally helped me get back 20 hours of my week.  Now I use those 20 hours to sell more websites and market my business.”  – Richard Heineman, Owner of RichardHeineman.com.

To find out how WebDesignersHelper.com can help you regain lost hours in your week and assist you in your website design and development business, visit www.WebDesignersHelper.com.

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