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“The Project Book” by Abdulla Alkuwaiti

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“The Project Book” by Abdulla Alkuwaiti

PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) – Jan 05,2011 –

The majority of us mange projects, either corporate or personnel.   Unfortunately most projects are being executed without a proper plan, mainly due to the difficulty and complexity of creating one.  In his second work for 2010, Abdulla Alkuwaiti presents a book called “The Project Book” where he tries to simplify the concepts and techniques of project management.  The audiences for the book are basically every body, from the housewife who want to make a dinner partly to the construction engineer who wants to build the tallest tower in the world.

The book is divided into 8 chapters.  In chapter one the author gives a general introduction about project management and its importance.  In chapter two Alkuwaiti presents a framework that can be used to manage any project throughout its lifecycle.  The framework divides a project into a set of elements that are required to ensure its success.  These elements are represented by templates and the author suggest to fill them using brainstorming.  There are more than 20 templates and as the project manager progress in filing them he/she will be making a robust project plan.

Chapters 3-7 are dedicated to discuss the different phases of a project which are: Initiation, Planning, Risk, Execution and Closeout.  A unique thing about the framework is the separation of the planning phase into “initial planning” and “final Planning”. The initial planning cover the normal planning elements like project scope, stakeholder’s management and time management.  The final planning chapter is dedicated to Risk Management.  The author uses risk management to “pull together” the different planning activities done before the actual execution starts and to make sure the project plan produced is worthy of implementation.

The final chapter is dedicated to examples.  Alkuwaiti presents two full examples where the reader can practice making a full project plan and then compare them to proposed project plans.


The Project Book is well written and well organized.  It introduces a simple yet comprehensive framework to manage almost any project regardless of its size or field.  Readers from different interest groups should be able to understand the book and apply its techniques to their projects. 

You can check the book on the Authors site  www.kuwaitat.net




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