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World leader in magnet therapy gets a digital facelift

New And Glowing Online Visage The brand recently got a complete website makeover; a fashionable revamp that distills the company’s ideology of making everyday life hassle-free into a new online presence built on the very same principle. So what can you expect from the new website? Simply put, it’s everything you wanted to know about magnetic therapy [...]

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Portable massagers fuel huge rise in use of magnetic therapy

Therapy On The Go! Norstar Magnetics is at the forefront of ushering in an age of anytime, anywhere alternate therapy through portable massagers. It is a well-known fact that the cost of health care is spiralling out of control. With our population steadily ageing it is also a fact that people are beginning to explore [...]

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Job prospects in magnetic therapy on the rise!

From Pole To Pole Magnetic therapy is fast gaining popularity. This means job creation through some pretty exciting opportunities say Norstar Magnentics, the number one magnetic therapy company in the world. Complementary therapies, once labelled ineffective and outcast by the medical fraternity, are now being embraced by customers and doctors the world over. Norstar Magnetics, [...]

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