Job prospects in magnetic therapy on the rise!

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Job prospects in magnetic therapy on the rise!

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Magnetic therapy is fast gaining popularity. This means job creation through some pretty exciting opportunities say Norstar Magnentics, the number one magnetic therapy company in the world.

Complementary therapies, once labelled ineffective and outcast by the medical fraternity, are now being embraced by customers and doctors the world over. Norstar Magnetics, a pioneer in magnetic therapy, is a stellar example of the growth this industry has witnessed. The company is hugely popular and fashionable for its range of products, including lumbar supports, ankle wraps, body wraps and magnetic insoles. These products help alleviate pain and address everyday ailments ranging from arthritis, migraine, back pain, nerve pain, circulation issues, muscle pain, joint pain, tendon and tissue problems.

Spurred on by increasing demand, Norstar is striving to develop new and innovative magnetic products ( A clear outcome of the company’s growth can be seen in the expansion of its workforce. Alan Cooke, Director at Norstar Magnetics, said “We are seeing massive growth in the sector, and, as a result, are recruiting in a number of areas. The magnetic therapy market is a developing arena where job creation is only going to increase in the coming months and years.”

Martin Parker-Eames, who heads the BA honours Complementary Therapies Course at the University of Derby  said that career prospects in hospitals, occupational health departments and sport and leisure centres were growing at a “fantastic rate”. Experts say this growth comes from people with rising expectations resorting to complementary therapy and stricter professional standards.

Another contributing factor is the availability of over 50 university courses offering complementary medicine courses in the UK today – a stark contrast to the handful of courses being offered a little over a decade ago. Not just that, Dr. Brian Isbell, head of department at the University of Westminster, said students of Complementary Therapies could go on to earn anything from £20,000 to £30,000 straight from University, and a lot more if they became successful entrepreneurs.

Norstar’s journey stands testament to both the powerful pull of magnetic therapy as a viable and safe form of healing, and the future of the field as a coveted destination for the brightest talent out there. The over-riding impression is that magnetic therapy will have a magnetic pull on those looking for cutting-edge and rewarding careers.

About Norstar Magnetics

Norstar Magnetics (, a UK-based magnetic therapy health care provider is a leading player in this up-and-coming industry. The company’s large range of products has helped relieve debilitating symptoms of ailments for millions of happy customers across the globe.

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