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Editorial Guidelines  

The following editorial guidelines are here to help you understand what we accept and don’t accept for inclusion in the PressMediaWire News Release Network. Before you submit to our service, we would really appreciate if you read this page first.



  1. Requirements for All News Releases
  2. In order to include your press release in our network, your news release:

    1. Must only provide information that is usable and reliable and must not distort the truth.
    2. Must be written as a news announcement, and not as an advertisement. This means you cannot write copy that attempts to sell something to the reader. Remember, a news release is meant to inform the public (consumers, bloggers, and journalists) of a newsworthy event. You cannot say things like “Do you need…”, or “If you want to…”, or “Your company can…”, or anything specifically directed to the reader.

      You may use quotes to convey your purpose, mission, and message. For example: “We are very excited to have Ms. Jane Smith join our company and look forward to her contributions to our education, research and economic development missions,” said Mr. Jesse Jones of TimeIsRight, Inc.)

      If your submission reads like an advertisement, it will be held until it’s fixed.

    3. Must not be an article, open letter, or reader opinion piece. News informs the public of an event, while articles try to educate the reader on a matter.
    4. Must be newsworthy. Not everything that happens to your organization requires a press release. Maintaining credibility with your customers and the media is very important.
    5. Must have proper English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure.
    6. Must not contain information on: hacking/cracking content, auto-surf program or promotion, bomb creation, support for terrorism / radicalism / religious fanaticism, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia, steroid use or advocacy, weapon / firearms / ammunition.
    7. Must not contain or promote adult content or service, hate or violence-oriented, suggest racial intolerance, advocate against any individual, have insulting-obscene-degrading tone, or contain profanity.
    8. Must NOT contain any information that is a violation of any law, be considered defamatory, libelous, or infringes on the legal rights of others.
    9. Must NOT promote a lawsuit or settlement and/or calculated to be sensational and damaging. We still accept news releases from law firms promoting new hires, new practice ares, new office locations, etc.
    10. DUPLICATES and Templates: Must NOT be a submission of the exact or substantially similar news release as one that you already submitted. Some members have submitted the same news release multiple times with only a few words changed in the headline or body — we reject these and ban members who engage in this practice.
    11. Must not promote a website that offers no unique content or information. This means we do not accept news releases that promote MLM businesses, or affiliate websites.
    12. Must not contain Casino-related/Gambling or Betting News or content, Tobacco or Electronic Cigarettes news contents.
    13. Copyright and Violations – PressMediaWire strictly forbids the use of copyrighted material in any manner that violates the copyright owner’s rights. In cases where copyright is disputed, the disputed press release will be immediately removed without recourse or discussion, regardless of the arguments presented by the disputing parties. Authors should also know that there is noteworthy personal exposure if they are found in any violation of copyright laws. Individuals who violate copyright law are legally responsible and subject to probable fines.


We look forward to a long and successful future as your partner in press release distribution over the internet.

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