“Reinvent Your Business Model with Kay Plantes” virtual consulting software released by iCanPilot

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“Reinvent Your Business Model with Kay Plantes” virtual consulting software released by iCanPilot

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“Reinvent Your Business Model with Kay Plantes” virtual consulting software released by iCanPilot

A new self-guided software package helps business owners and project teams implement a business modeling process.

PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) – Nov 20,2010 –

The bestselling business modeling book Beyond Price by Kay Plantes and Robert D. Finfrock helps business leaders avoid the commoditization of their company’s products and services. The concepts in Beyond Price empower companies to create long-term customers who are willing to pay a premium for the best in the marketplace.

Sounds great—but how do you get everyone in your company’s leadership structure to read and implement the business strategies? How do you create organizational change without the help of a high-dollar consultant?

“That’s the dilemma facing businesses in this era of shrinking revenues and higher operating costs,” says Mary Poul, president of iCanPilot. “Businesses understand they need a new business strategy. They know they need to ‘change or die,’ but a shrinking bottom line means that when they need it most, many companies can least afford to hire an outside consultant to facilitate that organizational change.”

iCanPilot’s answer? A self-guided software package that helps business owners and project teams implement business management processes from bestselling business books like Beyond Price by Kay Plantes and Robert D. Finfrock.

ICanPilot’s first offering, “Reinvent Your Business Model with Kay Plantes” is presented by Beyond Price co-author Kay Plantes herself. The software package walks a project team through the process of assessing a company’s current business model, identifying weaknesses and opportunities, and creating a more relevant (and profitable) business model. “‘Reinvent Your Business Model with Kay Plantes’ addresses the whole process, including marketing, product development and product management,” says Pohl, iCanPilot’s president.

The process in Beyond Price “shows any leader how to think like a change agent and bring about a game-changing strategic shift,” says Robert Beeby, the former CEO of Pepsi-Cola International in a review on Amazon.com. “It’s a book showing you how to ask a whole different set of questions about the business you are in to launch a new era of competitive strength and profitability.”

“‘Reinvent Your Business Model with Kay Plantes’ allows anyone to complete the same process that Kay Plantes would guide you through if you hired her as a consultant,” says iCanPilot’s president, Mary Poul. “But the iCanPilot solution allows you to complete the business modeling process for under $1,000—significantly less than Kay’s standard fee.” “Reinvent Your Business Model with Kay Plantes” is available at www.icanpilot.com.

The “Reinvent Your Business Model with Kay Plantes” software-led virtual consulting process guides project teams through an examination of five key areas:

  1. Target Market: Your target market is the ideal customer whom you design your value promise to satisfy.
  2. Value Promise: How your customers can expect to be better off by doing business with you.
  3. Scope of Offering: The scope of your offering—what your customers buy from you.
  4. Advantages: Your advantages are your core competencies that make it difficult or impossible for competitors to copy what you offer.
  5. Profit Model: How your business generates revenue as well as your operations structure.

The end result of the iCanPilot process is a business model that will help the company compete on value, not price—helping protect profit margins and revenues.


About iCanPilot

Former 3M colleagues Mary Poul and Rita Shor founded iCanPilot in 2010 along with innovation consultant Tomasz Rudolf. The company’s mission is to help business teams achieve their growth goals by leveraging the expertise of top business consultants translated into do-it-yourself strategy and marketing project software. iCanPilot’s first strategy projectware, “Reinvent Your Business Model with Kay Plantes,” will be published in  November, 2010. iCanPilot is also developing a product with the working title, “Innovate Your Value Proposition with Mohan Sawhney,” which is scheduled to launch in December, 2010.

For more information about iCanPilot, visit the company online at https://www.icanpilot.com or call (651) 334-9966.


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