Property Cash Buyers Simplifies fast Property Sales in the UK

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Property Cash Buyers Simplifies fast Property Sales in the UK

United Kingdom, England (April 6, 2017)- Property Cash Buyers is a company that has helped many homeowners with a fair cash offer on their home. The company was established to alleviate the pressure on owners who are selling a property and are looking to complete the sale as fast as possible.

To further improve property sale success and address the challenges of a wider range of clientele, the company fine-tuned their offerings. It now offers three property sale options that are unmatched by any estate agents and cash buying businesses in the UK.

Speaking about their services, Daniel Morgan, founder of says “we know homeowners generally fall into one group that wants a fast property sale and another group that wants the highest possible offer. Our services cater for both groups, and we have gone one better by providing a lease option where we can help homeowners that need to sell a property quickly but are under the cosh as a result of negative equity. It is our belief that with our offerings, we will soon become the leading name in the market”.

The Property Cash Buyers Range of offerings are listed below:

Quick Cash Sale

This is the company’s most used offer. Properties are sold within 7-28 days with instant cash. Clients who use this option do not pay any fees and don’t have to wait for long as all sales are closed without any hassles.

Assisted Property Sale

With this offer, the company signs an “Option Agreement” to buy the property at a price close to the market value. The company then uses its vast marketing experiences to sell the property on behalf of the client through its extensive network of estate agents. The client gets a price similar to selling through a typical estate agent but without the attendant hassles and fees. It typically takes between two and three months for a sale to be completed with this method.

Lease Option Sale

The company was one of the first to introduce this option to the UK market. With this option, a tenancy agreement is setup between the company and the property owner. The agreement runs for between two and ten years. This is an option used when a property is in negative equity, and the property owner intends to move out without having any future liability. Over the tenancy agreement term, the company takes on all liabilities.

The range of offers from the company has been used effectively by thousands of property owners all across the UK.

About Property Cash Buyers

Property Cash Buyers is a company that provides free property valuations and fast property sales to all property owners across the UK. The company helps homeowners to close out sales in as little as seven days and up to 10 years depending on the option chosen. The company has helped thousands of property owners to release equity while saving time and money on estate agent activities.

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