Proof of Concept Groups Embrace Enterprise Adoption of Virtualization

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Proof of Concept Groups Embrace Enterprise Adoption of Virtualization

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Proof of Concept Groups Embrace Enterprise Adoption of Virtualization (Press Release Distribution) – Nov 08,2011 –

With reports showing data doubling every 18 months, unstructured data (like email) growing at 10 times the rate of structured data, and research groups like International Data Corporation (IDC) predicting digital virtual machine growth in the double digits (two-thirds of the datacenter will be virtualized by 2013), organizations are faced with the decision of how and when to create a virtual infrastructure.

Through varying levels, companies of all sizes have began utilizing some type of virtualization, whether through desktop computer implementation, allowing one operating system to run on another, or server-grade virtualization that allows multiple operating systems to run side-by-side under the control of a hypervisor.

Increasingly, companies have started to utilize Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) where a client computer can log into a hosted server computer and access an individual desktop, usually shown as a program window. This technology is also becoming more common on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, allowing employees to access their desktops outside of the office.

The bottom line for many organizations making the move is improving performance with energy and cost efficiency, which virtualization provides by condensing hardware and simplifying management by controlling multiple operating systems through a single interface.

Proof of concept groups like Vernon Computer Source who provide rentals of tablets, desktops and servers have taken to offering evaluation for virtualization as well, for both hardware and software.

As one large server often consumes less energy while performing at the same level of several small servers, organizations seeking an upgrade come to Vernon to test the desired model before making the final investment of a large purchase.

With VDI offerings like Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Windows Server partnered with mobile workstations and desktop PCs, organizations can try desktop virtualization before implementing a final deployment on the hardware in their existing infrastructure.

“Vernon supplies mobile workstations with 8GB, 16GB and even 32GB of RAM to support virtualization training for IT and ADMIN support teams of Fortune 100 companies. The training classes vary from three to five days across the U.S.,” said Vernon Computer Source General Manager Anthony Randazzo.

About Vernon Computer Source

Vernon Computer Source holds the largest IT and AV rental inventory in the world in conjunction with international affiliates Hamilton Rentals and Livingston Hamilton Rentals GmbH—based out of London and Frankfurt, Germany. Visit

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