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Press Release Breast Cancer Shirts Make the New York Times! (Press Release Distribution) – Nov 29,2010 –

Finally, the author ends her NY Times article with the following thoughts: “I hate to be a buzz kill, but breast cancer is just not sexy. It’s not ennobling. It’s not a feminine rite of passage. And, though it pains me to say it, it’s also not very much fun. I get that the irreverence is meant to combat crisis fatigue, the complacency brought on by the annual onslaught of pink, yet it similarly risks turning people cynical.”  We unequivocally agree!  However, our goal is to remind women to do their self checks and regular mammograms.  We believe that CATCHING breast cancer early is sexy – life is sexy and beating breast cancer is sexy!  It’s a different perspective(glass half full vs half empty) and one that should be openly debated.  Early detection is very important for beating all cancers and we hope to remind people with our shirts that help is in your hands – self detection.  

While we don’t have the NY Times audience to respond to their article, we still think it is important to make our goals clear.  In reality, we are thankful the author wrote a thoughtful article that covered points on both sides since many are just emotional rants without intelligence – thank you Peggy Orenstein as we appreciate the respectful coverage of the topic.  

Project Boobies raises funds to fight breast cancer through the sales of its breast cancer apparel online at For more information or to order, go to the Web site or call (888) 957-4678.


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