Private Jets Charter Broadens Reach with Global Expansion

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Private Jets Charter Broadens Reach with Global Expansion

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Private Jets Charter Broadens Reach with Global Expansion (Press Release Distribution) – Apr 29,2011 –

US based jet charter brokers Private Jets Charter further extends their service area to all corners of the world with the launch of country specific sites.   In addition to the main US/UK website, they now boast  websites in the native language and alphabet serving 6 additional countries: France, Germany, UAE, Spain, India, and Italy.  The websites reside on the respective country’s top level domains, such as and

Private Jets Charter is already established as a globally reaching jet charter booking service, with brokers on the ground in 6 out of 7 continents, and staffing to cover nearly every time zone.   Travelers’ locations from Dubai to London to Ukraine previously visited only the main site.  Though PJC employs brokers fluent in many languages, a site visitor would previously assume only English is spoken because the site is in English.  With the addition of country specific URLs composed in the native languages, the potential user base grows exponentially as travelers feel more comfortable speaking their native language in emails and phone calls while arranging transportation.  Site visitors to any of the 7 websites can click on any of the country flags in the upper right corner, as is industry standard.

Their private jet charters broker network is one of the largest in the world, with partners on every continent and the ability to arrange flights to and from nearly anywhere in the world that private flights are allowed. These 6 new websites will serve to cement their reputation as global providers of jet charter flight services.  

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