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Aviation Tax Creates Stress for Italian Private Jet Owners

Private jet owners are facing a new tax that has many wondering where to leave their private jet. – Jul 19,2012

Daimer Launches Carpet Cleaning Machines Testimonials to Help Buyers posted a new Web testimonials section with customer comments to assist shoppers looking for professional level carpet and upholstery systems. – Oct 14,2011

Daimer® Upholstery Cleaners Now Bundled with Free Stain-Removing Preparation

Each machine in the 50 Hz, XTreme Power® 5000 series will include a new biodegradable Eco Green® Upholstery Cleaner formulation. – Sep 19,2011

8.7 LPM, 150 Bar Electric Pressure Washer Line Engineered for the Biggest Jobs

Daimer® has shipped a 7970 series of Vapor-Flo® high-performances all electric power cleaning machines. – Sep 19,2011

New Auto Detailing Equipment Targets Non-Porous, Interior Car Surfaces

Daimer®’s new top-end Ultra 5050CV truck, vehicle and car cleaning machines now offer more heat and pressure for hard and sealed soft surfaces. – Sep 19,2011

150 Bar Electric Pressure Washers Produce Flow Rates of 7.6 LPM

Daimer® announced specifications for its new Vapor-Flo® 7940, the fourth model in the multiple-product, 7900 line of janitorial grade systems. – Sep 12,2011

New Electric Pressure Washer Blends High Pressure with High Temperatures

Daimer® released details for a Vapor-Flo® 7930, the third model in the multi-product, Vapor-Flo® 7900 line of industrial-caliber machines. – Sep 06,2011

New Hot Water Pressure Washers Support Extra-Long Hose Lines

Daimer®’s 60 Hz Super Max™ 8800 and 8900 Vapor-Flo® electric systems are being manufactured with long hose (LHT) engineering that powers hoses and cleaning of over 295 feet away from the base system. – Sep 01,2011

New Car Wash Machines Are Engineered to Use Less Water

Daimer®’s ultra low-flow, dedicated steam car wash machines are designed to be maneuverable, easy-to-use, and water-efficient. – Aug 31,2011

Carpet Cleaning Equipment: High Capacity, Advanced Wands, 250 PSI

Daimer® adds its new rug wand to an advanced version of its XTreme Power® unheated XPC-9200 carpet cleaner machines. – Jul 22,2011

140 Bar Stainless Steel Electric Pressure Washers

Daimer®’s newest high pressure electric systems include a hardened encasing to prevent rust and stains in hazardous industrial environments. – Jul 14,2011

Private Jets Charter Broadens Reach with Global Expansion

International private jet charter brokers Private Jets Charter launches 6 new websites in 6 different countries. – Apr 29,2011

New Jersey-based Charter Services Company Selects Upset Recovery Training Provider

Polaris Aviation Solutions announced today it has selected APS Emergency Maneuver Training to provide Airplane Upset Prevention & Recovery Training to its Boeing 767 and Gulfstream pilots. – Sep 08,2010

Cessna Citation Mustang Fleet Grows to 200

Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced today it has delivered the 200th Citation Mustang, with the aircraft going to Maritime Air Charters. The event was marked with a brief ceremony at Cessna’s Independence, Kan., – May 05,2009

Cessna XLS Lands at World’s Highest Airport

A Cessna Citation XLS landed and took off earlier this year at Qamdo Bangda Airport (BPX/ZUBD) in Tibet, demonstrating the aircraft’s capability to operate at the world’s highest airport at 14,219 feet (4,334 meters).

– Apr 28,2009

Cessna’s Pelton Delivers Keynote Address at Aircraft Electronics Association Annual Convention

In his speech, Pelton emphasized key elements in Cessna’s strategy, including the importance of understanding the customer and the market, right sizing the business, keeping employees focused and engaged, increasing communications with suppliers and pa – Apr 07,2009

Cessna Receives FAA Certification for Garmin G1000 Synthetic Vision Technology

Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification for Garmin�s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) for all G1000-equipped 172 Skyhawks, 182 Skylanes, 206 Stationairs and the Cara – Apr 03,2009

Cessna Racks Up Single-Engine Sales in France

Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, continues to see strong propeller aircraft sales in Europe, particularly in France.

– Apr 03,2009

Cessna Boasts Strong Product Lineup at AERO Friedrichshafen

Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, is emphasizing its role as a leader in the general aviation market in Europe, particularly in Germany, by showing its largest ever product line-up at the AERO Friedrichshafen exhibit this wee – Apr 03,2009

Cessna Strengthens Cessna Pilot Center Network in India

Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, has appointed its third Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) in India by selecting Chimes Aviation Academy in Sagar in central India at the Dhana Airport (ICAO: VA1J).

– Apr 03,2009

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