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Bronx Mold Inspection Company Reports Increase In Mold in NYC Apartment Buildings and Rental Homes

Bronx NYC Mold Contractors: What Are Your Rights As A Renter When It Comes To A Mold Infestation? – 2013/01/24

Very often renters find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to deal with mold without the help of their landlords. Is there any legal recourse for renters that find themselves in this situation? The truth is that as a renter, you have the right to expect sanitary and habitable surroundings. Moty Katz, the owner of a Bronx mold inspection and mold removal company stated,“Very often we run into situations where the renter is left holding the bill for something they are clearly not responsible for. There’s no question that the landlord or homeowners association is responsible for any mold problems. This is true almost for every state . The local board of health in your town or city will take any complaints that you have against your landlord very seriously”.


Local housing authorities would also perk up and take notice if a landlord has shown blatant neglect that has caused toxic mold growth. There are very strict housing codes that landlords have to adhere to and any failure to follow these guidelines is punishable by very heavy penalties. In fact, not only are landlords responsible for all the mold remediation work provided by Bronx mold inspection contractors but also for any medical bills that may have risen as a result of a mold infestation. Many Bronx mold contractors advise renters to go back and read the conditions of their lease agreement to see if there are any disclosures that the landlord made. Additionally, contact a real estate attorney, who along with the Bronx mold remediation contractor will provide all the documentation that a renter will need to present their case to local authorities for a resolution in this matter.


Remember that you when it comes to a rented property, maintaining its habitability with respect to air quality is completely under the purview of your landlord. Do not be afraid to involve a Bronx mold removal contractor to get a home or apartment mold free as the law will almost always be on the tenants side. Renters have the right to expect certain provisions, especially when they are paying rent to a landlord that neglects toxic mold growth.


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