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 Finds Millionaire Matchmaker Mistaken – Wealthy Men Like Women with Curls

With Millionaire Matchmaker host Patti Stanger under fire for making anti-curly hair remarks, a millionaire dating site claims her stereotyping of wealthy men as being unattracted to curly hair is pure fiction. – 2010/11/13

Patti Stanger, host of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, is causing waves following her remarks about women with curly hair. According to MTV, Patti Stanger once said, “If you want to keep it curly, go to Isreal.”

Patty has repeatedly stated that when it comes to hair, it’s always straight, and never curly, that turn wealthy mens heads.

Yet Patti, who has advised her curly haired mentee’s to “go buy a flat iron”, is flat-out wrong, according to millionaire dating website, which claims to be a refuge for several of Patti’s former clients, aka, “exPatti’s”.

“Patti Stanger is just dead wrong about the fact that wealthy men do not like women with curly hair,” says Brandon Wade, CEO of “I’m not sure how she came up with that conclusion, but I am sure it isn’t scientific.”

In fact, a survey conducted by shows that over 85.1% of the 513 rich men surveyed by the dating website say they like women with curly hair.  When asked if they prefer women who have curly hair over women with straight hair, 34.1% chose curly hair.  

However, when asked if hair style is a determining factor as to whether they would date or choose one woman over another, only 3.5% of the men said yes.  Other factors voted to be more important than hair are style, smile, personality, and class.

In attempt to untangle her remarks, Patti took to her twitter, saying:

“Let’s clear this up. I like healthy curly hair. Millionaires don’t. Not all men. But wealthy men. Didn’t create rich men’s DNA.”

Yet Mr. Wade, who is currently dating a gorgeous blond with naturally curly hair, says that he doesn’t know who’s DNA Patti is referring to. “It doesn’t take a genetic anomaly for a wealthy man to be attracted to a woman with curly hair. That’s completely ridiculous. On the contrary, wealthy men generally have an even wider range of tastes in womens hair”.

In a random sampling of 30 ‘attractive female’ profiles on, 12/30 flaunted curly locks of love. Yet whether or not they’ve been tuning into the Millionaire Matchmaker is unkown.

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