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Autographed Memories Equals Signature Accessories

Commemorating loved ones with personally inscribed keepsakes. – 2011/05/02

Choosing personal gifts for families and friends or even a gift to treat yourself can be challenging as consumers look for affordable ways to honor a special holiday, birthday or just brighten a day.  When commemorating the life of the deceased, the importance of choosing a personal memento is heightened as easing grief and bringing comfort plays a significant role.  Casey Doran, President of Jewelry Keepsakes, tracked customer reviews over a one year time period and helped to create a series of cremation jewelry that would not only be personal but a unique individual remembrance.

Every individual is unique and one part of that uniqueness lies in a personal signature.  From flowing letters to neat scrawl to barely discernible, an individual’s signature is one of a kind.  The Signature Series from Jewelry Keepsakes combines the unique qualities of an individual signature with cremation jewelry and gives families a new approach to remembering those that have passed away.  “I found that our customers gravitated towards those keepsakes that really captured their loved one,” states Doran.  “The more personal nature of the keepsake, the closer our customers feel to those that they’ve lost.  A person’s signature is not only unique to them but when you’re adding to that a small part of their cremated ashes, you’ve taken the concept of memorializing to a very personal and one-of-a-kind nature.”  The signature is engraved onto the surface of the stainless steel keepsake and Doran notes that the overall process takes 24-48 hours once the signature is received.

Cremation jewelry is a personal jewelry accessory that can be filled with the cremated ashes of a loved one.  The Signature Series combines cremation jewelry with an engraving of an individual’s signature. The keepsakes are stainless steel with silver, gold, rose gold or black plating.

Jewelry Keepsakes is an online resource for cremation related articles, resources and tips.  Jewelry Keepakes has a wide assortment of cremation keepsakes for families looking to memorialize a loved one, close friend or pet.


If you’d like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Casey Doran, please call Casey at 877/723-7229 or email Casey at

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Contact Information:
Jewelry Keepsakes
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