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Dentist Practices Family Dentistry in Orleans, Talks Oral Health for World Cancer Day

Drs. David Bartos and Mark Northcott practice family dentistry in Orleans. They urge patients to improve their oral health in light of World Cancer Day Feb. 4. – 2012/12/19

ORLEANS AND OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Advocates for cancer awareness across the globe unite Feb. 4 to celebrate World Cancer Day. Their mission is to increase cancer awareness in politics, increase prevention and improve treatment options for cancer patients.

Drs. David Bartos and Mark Northcott screen patients for oral cancer at each visit. They provide family dentistry in Orleans. Each cleaning helps remove harmful plaque and bacteria, and each screening ensures the patient is cancer-free. Stittsville cosmetic dentistry gives patients their dream smiles, and Invisalign straightens crooked teeth, but dental health is also tightly linked to overall health. Patients who visit their general dentist at least twice a year have better chances of detecting oral cancer early. An early cancer diagnosis may result in better chances of survival.

The Canadian Cancer Society reports oral cancer caused 800 deaths and 2,700 new patients were diagnosed this year. Dental research also shows a link between oral health and pancreatic cancer.

Patients can show their support for cancer patients by attending or submitting a World Cancer Day event, says general dentist, Bartos. World Cancer Day organizers are posting updates on Facebook and on Twitter with the “WorldCancerDay” hashtag.

Eating healthy diets and eliminating tobacco also lessens oral cancer risks. Patients should also be meticulous about their oral health. Daily flossing and twice daily brushing is the minimum requirement. Patients can floss more often and use fluoride toothpaste to increase their oral health. Lip protection is important, too. Patients can use lip salve with sun protection to keep their lips safe and healthy.

Patients should also watch for oral sores that won’t heal. Loose teeth, mouth or jaw pain and bleeding gums may also signal oral cancer. A doctor should inspect any bumps on the gums, lips, tongue or neck. Some patients with oral cancer notice a difference in their bite or have difficulty speaking and eating. Patients with any of these symptoms should see a dentist.

Improved dental health decreases the risks of developing diabetes, gum disease, heart disease and preterm birth. Good dental hygiene can decrease the risks of cancer, and it may even save lives.

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