PoliticalForum.net Opens for Real Political Dialogue

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PoliticalForum.net Opens for Real Political Dialogue

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PoliticalForum.net Opens for Real Political Dialogue

PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) – Nov 09,2010 –

There are many places on the internet to discuss politics, however no actual discussion takes place there. Instead what occurs is snark, condescension, attitude, rudeness, name-calling and blatantly dishonest debate tactics. What’s missing is a place where people can discuss politics and debate each other on the basis of reason and merit and not over who can make the most outrageous insult. That is the void that this forum fills. 

The forum is independent and has no ideological lean to it.  Independents, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, anarchists and international posters are all welcome.  People are free to debate civilly on US politics, international politics, economics, history, philosophy, culture, crime and punishment and just have fun.  

Upcoming updates will include a live chatroom so that people can talk to each other in real time as election results come in.  The upcoming election in November 2010 is going to be fiercely contested, and this will be followed by a Republican Presidential primary and the Presidential elections are that.  This is the best source for information on the issues, candidates and races across the country that are going to start heating up soon.  

Politicalforum.net is hereby launched! Join us and join the conversation!


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