Past Life Regression Workshop Hosted Online by Hypnotherapist David Parke

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Past Life Regression Workshop Hosted Online by Hypnotherapist David Parke

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Past Life Regression Workshop Hosted Online by Hypnotherapist David Parke (Press Release Distribution) – Jul 28,2010 –

New York past life regression therapist David Parke is hosting a unique spiritual healing event online that will allow participants to learn about reincarnation and explore past lives. The Past Life Regression workshop is scheduled for Sunday, August 1st, from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. EST and registration is available at Tickets are $25 per person to attend the web-based seminar and participate in a group past life regression experience. For $175, up to ten participants can attend the group seminar online, and then get a private, one-on-one past life regression led by Dave Parke via Skype.

This experiential workshop on Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression will include a group Past Life Regression, plus discussion of the concepts of soul mates, soul groups, karma and Life Between Lives regression.

“Past Life Regression therapy enables a person to revisit a past life and clear up emotional energy that has become blocked, or work out issues of the past, that may be affecting their life in the present,” explains David Parke, a hypnotherapist working in New York City. “Some hypnotists and lay people think of past life therapy as metaphorical which is perfectly fine. But approximately 30% of Americans and 60% of the world’s population believe in reincarnation and for them past life regression is a very real phenomenon. Belief in reincarnation isn’t required in order for the technique to have incredible therapeutic value.”

“During the past life regression online seminar on August 1st,” says Parke, “I’ll be answering a lot of questions from people who are curious about past life regression, the ‘life-after-life’ experience and reincarnation in general. The group regression will give participants a sense of their past lives. They’ll have experiences and memories that they can go on to explore in a one-on-one session if they choose,” says Parke.

About Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy is based on the premise that human beings are reincarnated after death, and have lived several other lives prior to their current life. Some of the issues people face in this lifetime—such as anger, loneliness or chronic pain—may have karmic ties to previous lives. Past life regression is a spiritual healing process that helps people make positive changes in this life.


About David Parke

A certified hypnotherapist, David Parke was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss for Past Life Regression and by the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Regression. David Park is also a certified hypnosis instructor, life coach, and master NLP practitioner. He gives workshops on past life regression and other transformational techniques across the United States and maintains a private practice in New York.

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