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New York Life Coach Dave Parke Featured Expert on (Press Release Distribution) – Aug 23,2010 –

“Love, like any other emotion, is an internal state that we can access anytime,” says New York life coach David Parke. “The problem is that our rules tell us when we can give ourselves permission to feel that love.” As the August 2010 featured expert on, Parke discusses the often-unconscious rules about love that we create for ourselves…and how those unspoken rules can get in the way of feeling lovable and loving.

“Love is not something that is given to us. Otherwise we would feel it from every single person that loved us. We only feel it when we give ourselves permission to feel it,” says the life coach. “When we change the rules and conditions then we change the frequency that we can fill ourselves up with love.”

In his role as a life coach, Parke helps clients communicate more effectively in their significant relationships, and learn to nurture themselves as individuals, their partner, and the relationship itself.

“To be successful in a loving relationship, it’s important for us to understand the needs that drive us, and the underlying conversations and beliefs we have in our own heads about who we are, and how we relate to others. This was what I wrote about on in ‘Rules for Love,’” says Parke. “Every person has an internal map of the world, constructed from our upbringing, our beliefs, our expectations and our life experiences. We typically interact with our own internal map of the world and not the actual world. So when you bring two people together—and they each have their own map—it’s no wonder they may have problems communicating and understanding each other.”

“In the life coaching process, I help clients understand their own map of the world, their partner’s map of the world, and the unique map that they create together in their relationship. Life coaching is not just about reigniting passion—although we do help clients recapture their passion for each other. Life coaching and hypnotherapy can also help couples push the reset button on toxic conversations, and restart those conversations in a healthier, more authentic and more loving way.”

To learn more about life coaching with David Parke in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens or via phone, contact him at or call 917-513-0898.

About David Parke

David Park is a certified hypnosis instructor, master NLP practitioner, and life coach working in New York City and remotely via phone and Skype. He uses Strategic Intervention, Mindfulness Practice, and a variety of other life coaching tools to help clients achieve the life of their dreams and find more happiness in the life they have. A former Army Ranger, David Parke is no stranger to overcoming adversity, dealing with hardship and helping others find their own inner strength. He brings a strategic and spiritual vision to the realm of coaching with humanistic understanding, military precision and true compassion.

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