New MultiLingual Website for the International Edition of ONEXENO

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New MultiLingual Website for the International Edition of ONEXENO

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New MultiLingual Website for the International Edition of ONEXENO (Press Release Distribution) – Aug 09,2010 –

Penrose Press announces a significant upgrade to the ONEXENO website in accordance with the publication of the new international edition of the ONEXENO card game. The new site includes descriptions and official rules in ten languages – Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

ONEXENO‘s new website ( includes a multilingual Forum for discussing the game, it variations, and rules. Links to web referrals and press releases are posted on the site. The site also includes a calendar of upcoming events, such as trade shows, that ONEXENO will participate in.

ONEXENO is a card game played by one to seven players. The game contains a set of 70 square cards. No two cards are alike; each card is unique representing all of the  possible combination binary elements around the periphery of a 3X3 matrix. Most games using the ONEXENO cards rely a fundamental matching rule.

When a player plays a card on the table, the card must match previously played cards. A card must match in the vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions. Matching cards must align in a grid, and may not be offset. The goal of the game is to accumulate the greatest number of points at the end of the game. Players gain points by forming rows of five matching cards.

ONEXENO‘s new packaging is considerably improved over the original, first edition. A drawer and sleeve package improves the durability and appearance of the box. In addition, the high quality waterproof cards make it a durable, portable game that can be taken almost anywhere.

Currently, special prepublication orders are taken on the site for the new international edition of ONEXENO at

These are prepublication offers at considerable discount over the suggested retail pricing. Merchant Special Volume Discounts are also available in this prepublication affer. The second edition will be available by October, 2010. So, its the time to stock up on ONEXENO for Christmas.

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