Modern Lasers Used to Reduce Pain and Increase Treatment Effectiveness

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Modern Lasers Used to Reduce Pain and Increase Treatment Effectiveness

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Modern Lasers Used to Reduce Pain and Increase Treatment Effectiveness (Press Release Distribution) – Feb 15,2011 –


NEW YORK, New York – Midtown Manhattan dental practice, Central Park South Dental Care has switched over to the latest Biolase MD lasers to effectively treat gum disease.


Central Park South Dental Care treats their patients with minimal discomfort and remarkable efficiency with the exclusive use of laser technology. Dr. Oleg Klempner uses the latest generation lasers for all aspects of his practice.


Lasers have replaced drills, providing so many advantages. Lasers have more precise control and all procedures can be performed more accurately with fewer traumas to the patient.


Dr. Klempner says, “Less than 5% of dentists use lasers in their practice. We switched to the new Biolase MD laser because it was the system approved by the FDA for gum disease. The laser gum treatment as compared to the traditional periodontal surgery doesn’t require any cutting or stitching of the gums. This greatly reduces postoperative swelling and discomfort, plus the healing time is much faster.”


Lasers are minimally invasive and reduce bleeding. A patient can recover much faster from any procedure. The greatest benefit for the patient is minimal to zero pain. Also, swelling is reduced significantly from any procedure with minimal amounts of anesthesia.


Dr. Klempner also uses lasers in all of his cosmetic procedures, producing outstanding results.


In case of teeth whitening he says, “Laser teeth whitening causes NO sensitivity and is accomplished in half the time of traditional in-house whitening”. With cosmetic gum lifts he says, “The procedure is accomplished, thanks to the modern laser technology, without having to use a scalpel or sutures”.


The use of lasers makes for a great office experience. Coming back is something to look forward to instead of the typical dreaded experience. Most patients require nothing stronger than over the counter medication afterwards.


Modern Lasers used in select dental practices like Central Park South Dental Care, have drastically changed the effectiveness, comfort and safety of each procedure. It will continue to change the way people perceive going to a dentist.


About Central Park South Dental Care:


Dr. Oleg Klempner and his dedicated dental team have been serving the Greater New York area which includes Queens, Rego Park, Manhattan, and NYC. His practice specializes in Cosmetic dentistry.  To learn more visit: or call 212- 265-2021


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