Limco Logistics is Proud to Offer Cost Effective Worldwide Shipping

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Limco Logistics is Proud to Offer Cost Effective Worldwide Shipping

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Limco Logistics is Proud to Offer Cost Effective Worldwide Shipping (Press Release Distribution) – Sep 19,2011 –

Limco Logistics Inc is a leading ocean freight company that provides cost effective shipping solutions for all types and size of businesses. The main headquarters of Limco are situated in United States and is licensed by Federal Maritime Commission. Some of the world’s most known steamship lines of Limco enable it to offer most competitive transit solutions. It is having a rock solid reputation as a leading international leader and offers shipping to any port in world from any port in US and Canada.
“I was searching for good transportation company and found Limco Logistics. I requested a quote for my transportation needs and got my goods transported in timely manner. I have got the best experience ever with Limco and proud to be a customer of Limco Logistics”, said Mr. Arthur.

Limco can provide all kinds of transportations including ocean, air and railways. As an Ocean Transportation Intermediary, Limco is licensed by Federal Maritime Commission and as an air freight forwarding company it has got Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism certification. It is also a valid member of International Air Transport Association (IATA).

With help of partners around the world, Limco can do door to door and port to port deliveries. The company provides a number of container options in form of refrigerated units, flat racks and open tops. With help of these containers it offer secure and reliable overseas shipping. For boats, it has got another option called RORO shipping (Roll On/Roll Off) solution.

Limco Logistics abide by highest industry standards and its dedicated team provides support throughout the shipping process. The team of Limco works well with customers and formulates a plan, which ensure a hassle free transport. For years, Limco has been providing logistics solutions to companies, which are cost-effective, and also streamlines the business.

About Limco Logistics

Limco Logistics Incorporation being an International Shipping Cargo effectively manages small to large scale business transactions. Limco Logistics is in this profession since two decades and delivers best services for all import/export needs. With global presence spanning across the continents, Limco has got well-equipped professionals who can manage all deliveries in timely manner. Limco Logistics facilitate processing of goods in ports, railways and custom warehouses and also make all concerted efforts to ensure cargo reaches its destination in time.

For detailed information about Limco Logistics and for requesting a quote for transportation needs, please visit

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