HypnoThoughts.com hypnosis social network grows to record 10,000 members

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HypnoThoughts.com hypnosis social network grows to record 10,000 members

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HypnoThoughts.com hypnosis social network grows to record 10,000 members

“I never imagined this site would grow to this size or become something important to the education of hypnotists,” says HypnoThoughts.com’s founder, Scott Sandland, CHt.

PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) – Apr 20,2012 –

HypnoThoughts.com, a free social network for hypnotherapists, hypnotists, NLP practitioners and stage hypnosis performers, this month welcomed its 10,000th member. HypnoThoughts.com was founded by Newport Beach hypnotherapist Scott Sandland in 2007. Since then, over 610,000 unique visitors have come to this site, from every continent on Earth—including Antarctica—and from 210 different countries and territories.

“I never imagined this site would grow to this size or become something important to the education of hypnotists,” says Sandland. “My goal was to eventually get to 500 members that shared ideas with each other.” As far as Sandland is aware, HypnoThoughts is now the largest hypnosis-related social network in existence.

According to HypnoThoughts’ members, the site has been spectacularly successful at meeting Sandland’s goal. James Hazlerig, an Austin, Texas stop smoking expert and clinical hypnotist says, “I can honestly say that joining Hypnothoughts is the most important continuing education move I’ve made. The people I’ve met, the ideas I’ve encountered, the contacts I’ve made–have been life-changing. When I was in need, the HT community stepped in to help me. It’s truly wondrous.”

I remember a feeling of amazement when I was first introduced to HypnoThoughts,” says St. Petersburg hypnotherapist Tamara Fontenot, a licensed mental health counselor from Florida. “I could not believe this incredible on-line community of people interested in all the things I was interested in. I did not realize it had only just started. You could say, I have grown up (as a hypnotist) right beside it. That is what I call ‘having an impact’…I cannot wait to see where it goes from here.”

Sandland notes that the site has become popular thanks to the contributions of members like Hazlerig and Fontenot, who have posted over 5,600 forum discussions, 3,400 blog posts, 5,300 photos and nearly 2,500 hypnosis videos, plus hundreds of hypnosis scripts and thousands of comments. “We owe a big thank you to the people posting questions and blog posts, the people sharing their insights and experiences, the people who upload videos, the people who fill this site with value,” says Sandland. “The industry leaders that share so selflessly deserve a special thank you for making the responses and discussions even more helpful to everyone.”

HypnoThoughts offers members a lively forum with nearly 400 special interest groups for hypnosis subjects like sports hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, parts therapy, hypnotic poetry, hypnobirthing, street hypnosis, and hypnotic recipes to groups for students, alternative medical, health and wellness practitioners, NLP practitioners, singles, Christians and more, plus geography-based groups and a number of groups for non-English-speaking hypnotists.

HypnoThoughts.com also sponsors practice-building teleseminars presented by experts in marketing, public relations, referrals, and other business best practices. “I appreciate HypnoThoughts both as a marketing and PR consultant, and as a fan of hypnosis,” says Kathleen Hanover, who most recently presented a teleseminar on how to get free publicity. “When it comes to persuasive communication skills, I learn at least as much from the hypnotherapists on HypnoThoughts as I teach them. It’s a generous community of helping professionals.”

Although most of its members are in the United States, HypnoThoughts.com attracts a number of hypnotherapists and hypnotists from Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Bruni Brewin, a member from New South Wales, Australia notes, “I have always felt as therapists we have a duty to share and help each other.  That is what this site does.  So whilst I may not be a daily visitor – when I am here it is nice to catch up with others thoughts and ideas.”

Sandland adds, “I’m proud to say that some of the first people who joined HypnoThoughts.com are still active members.  I’m happy to say this site has become a community, and I’m humbled by the gratitude people share with me as the representative of the work of so many.”


About Scott Sandland, C.Ht.

Scott Sandland, Certified Hypnotherapist, has spent the past five years working with drug addicts and alcoholics on the staff of Sober Living by the Sea, a chemical dependency treatment center in Newport Beach, California. He is also on staff at a physician’s office and dental practice in Newport Beach. Sandland is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, and has taught hypnosis for addiction management at a number of international conferences and professional hypnotherapy workshops. He is also the co-founder of Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute, a distance learning program for hypnotherapists.

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