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How Online Reviews Impact Your Brand

How much do you know about your business’ reputation as an entrepreneur? Do you think you are currently the best in your market? What do your customers typically want to know about your business? There are so many elements of your business to focus on, especially in the new year, but it’s important to not underestimate online reviews! Online reviews on the likes of Deskjock can have a huge impact on your brand in a multitude of ways. Here’s what you need to know about online reviews…

Researched Consumers

Everybody has access to the internet so now, more than ever before, consumers are incredibly well-researched. Digital marketing company imagfix states “With more small to medium businesses than ever, it’s important to recognise that the product or service you offer is not unique and consumers can go elsewhere. Before coming to your shop, whether it is brick and mortar or online, consumers will search for online reviews to determine whether you are the best in business! It’s important to consider what they will find.”


Online reviews can have a large impact on your business’ reputation. If reviews are particularly bad and repetitive, a consumer will consider these common problems of your business. Multiple positive reviews will demonstrate to the customer that your business delivers time and time again. When a consumer finds no reviews online for your business they might interpret your brand as not being popular. The more people that rate your brand, the more people will trust your brand.

What is the Consumer Looking For?

This should be the key driver of any small business marketing strategy. There are many things a potential customer is looking for so the better you are at them, the more likely you will receive positive reviews for those elements! First and foremost, customers will be reviewing you on the quality of your product, the speed at which you deliver a product or service, the quality of your customer service and the fairness of your pricing. If you are going to highlight any areas of which you appreciate your customers’ feedback, these are the ones to consider!

Best in Market

Ultimately, a potential customer will head to the best business in the market when they are doing their research. Everybody has access to the internet and it is honest and impartial, providing honest answers to any questions a potential customer will have. Consider your target market, their wants and their needs and how you can improve your business to ensure your online reviews come frequently and positively!

How Can We Help?

At Social Buzzing, we can help guide you on strategies to improve the number of your reviews and the quality of those reviews so that any potential customers can find the answers they need to purchase from you. We can advise, based on reviews, where your business needs improvement and use tools such as Company Check and Duedil to ensure you are listed on the most popular and trusted directories online, such as, Owler and Bark. After working with us, your target market will notice that you are easily visible, easily searchable and trustworthy business.

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