Advanced Data Recovery UK Warns Against These Common Data Recovery Mistakes

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Advanced Data Recovery UK Warns Against These Common Data Recovery Mistakes

Advanced Data Recovery warns about common data recovery mistakes that can be avoided.

London, United Kingdom (September 27, 2018)-Network of data recovery centres warns Brits against common mistakes when attempting to recover data from the damaged drive.

Having seen all sorts of data loss problems, Advanced Data Recovery UK is warning hard disk owners to avoid DIY recovery due to all the ways it could possibly lead to permanent data loss.

With 16 years of experience, Advanced Data Recovery UK are considered top specialists in retrieving data from different kinds of devices, including Macs, PCs, laptops, RAID servers and external devices.

“The first impulse anyone would have in the event of a hardware failure is to restart the device and try to get it working again. We always tell people to turn off their device to prevent any further damage,” said the General Manager of the data recovery service.

According to him, there are two ways a disc can crash – a physical crash or a logical crash. “With a physical crash, some physical part of the disk breaks. Recovering data from this kind of crash is a delicate and tedious process.” A logical crash, on the other hand, isn’t as difficult to fix, but the user has to be careful to avoid causing further damage.

He added that there are at least five common mistakes that users make after the hard drive crashes. The first is being in too much of a hurry. Because most people don’t back up their files, they rush when attempting to get their damaged drive fixed and try to complete data recovery on their own to save money and time. However, doing this may only cause the drive to be permanently unrecoverable.

“Many people don’t realise that dismantling the case of a hard drive cannot be done in just any room. Here, we have clean rooms designed to prevent contaminants from causing damage to the internal part of a hard drive.” This is the second mistake that people should avoid. It’s safer to take a drive to a professional data recovery lab where it can be fixed in the appropriate environment.

Other mistakes mentioned by the manager include improperly saving recovered files, formatting the drive and recreating petitions.

The General Manager explained that if files are saved back to the same card or hard drive, the device may suffer further damage as it may still have unresolved issues. The lost data area may be considered by the file system as being reusable. That may mean the lost files would be overwritten before they can be salvaged. Eventually, they would still have to take the drive to the data recovery lab for expert help.

Further, it’s important to be wary of any error message that may be displayed in the event of a hard drive crashing. Due to the generic nature of such messages, the General Manager of Advanced Data Recovery UK warns against formatting drives. He explains that doing this will cause every file on the media card or drive to be overwritten. It wouldn’t be possible to perform HDD data recovery on a drive that has been formatted. Again, it’s best to get in touch with reputable recovery data recovery engineers for assistance.

Finally, another common mistake that users make is to recreate a partition when they have accidentally deleted it. “When a partition is deleted, the data is inaccessible but still there. Recreating the partition doesn’t make the data accessible again,” the General Manager says. Instead, the process can cause recovery to be more of a challenge because it can overwrite the files.

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Since 2002 when advanced data recovery UK was founded, they have successfully performed thousands of data recovery jobs. With 33 data recovery centres across the country, they are easily accessible by anyone. They spare no expense when investing in the latest data recovery equipment.


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