Hillbuzz Political Analyst Kevin DuJan Builds Bridges Between Gay Community, Religious Conservatives

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Hillbuzz Political Analyst Kevin DuJan Builds Bridges Between Gay Community, Religious Conservatives

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Hillbuzz Political Analyst Kevin DuJan Builds Bridges Between Gay Community, Religious Conservatives

“The gay community needs to wake up to the simple fact that religious people don’t hate us as much as the Democrat Party does.” — Hillbuzz.org editor Kevin DuJan

PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) – Nov 19,2010 –

Gay voters have been a reliably Democrat voting bloc for decades, but a Chicago-based website written by a gay Conservative is helping promote common ground between the gay community and The Right. Hillbuzz.org was founded in 2008 by Kevin DuJan, then a volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign. The site has attracted readers from across the political spectrum, with commenters who describe themselves as everything from born-again Christians to Reagan Democrats to agnostic Libertarians.

“Although I was raised Catholic in Cleveland, Ohio, I felt a lot of pressure as a gay man and a ‘good Democrat’ to turn my back on religion and God,” says DuJan, now a Conservative writer, political analyst, and gay activist, “and I did, for a long time. The gay community needs to wake up to the simple fact that religious people don’t hate us as much as our own leaders do…as much as the Democrat Party in fact does,” says DuJan, who has been the subject of smear campaigns orchestrated by liberal and leftist hate sites. Until his Conservative conversion, DuJan had worked for every Democrat presidential campaign from 1992 through 2008.

DuJan, a marketing and fundraising consultant, has created a community on Hillbuzz.org that allows gays and conservatives to get to know each other in a respectful, irreverent, but always pro-America environment. A Hillbuzz.org reader named Daniel commented, “As one of your gay readers, and one that loves you guys for being Conservative more than for being gay, I have to say nothing is more heartwarming than reading the praise heaped upon you boyz by all the religious, republican, former democrats and the Conservatives who know truth when they see it. I applaud you for the pioneering work you’re doing, for the bridge building, for the contribution to the movement.”

DuJan began volunteering for Democrat presidential campaigns in high school, and so far has campaigned in nearly 30 states. But the 2008 campaign, and the misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton by both the Obama campaign and the mainstream media, transformed DuJan from a lifelong Democrat to an Independent.

Hillbuzz.org gained wide readership in Conservative circles when Kevin DuJan’s open letter to George and Laura Bush was featured on Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated radio show and web site in November of 2009. In the letter, DuJan and the other contributors to Hillbuzz.org—all gay men living in the predominantly gay “Boystown” neighborhood in Chicago—apologized to President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, saying, ” we didn’t appreciate you while you were in office, but we thank Heaven we’ve wised up and can see the good you are out there doing, under the radar, today.”

A Hillbuzz.org reader called BrooklynMike added, “HB has changed my opinions about gay people a lot. I am black, and like you always say, ‘black people are homophobic.’ Very true. In my life I branch out and friend people from all types of backgrounds, by doing this I find the stereotypes are broken, and you realize we are basically the same. Like Maya Angelou said: “We are all more alike, than we are unalike.”

A Hillbuzz.org commenter named MVH said that she had seen an interview of two young gay men at a TEA Party event. “They said that it was more difficult to come out as Conservative than to come out as gay,” MVH said, “Which was incredible to hear. They also spoke about how welcomed they felt by the other TEA Partiers there. That interview screamed that fighting for each others’ LIBERTY is more important than fighting with each other,” said MVH. “There will always be disagreement and differences, but they should never be more important than safeguarding liberty for us all. After all the Preamble to the Constitution does begin with ‘WE THE PEOPLE.'”

“I was one of those people who did not support the GLBT community,” said Hillbuzz.org commenter BellTower of CT. “I stumbled across your George Bush letter and began to follow your blog…My opinions have softened so much that I honestly have no idea how I feel about gay issues anymore….My little brother came out to me last week and, thanks to you boyz, I was so gracious to him! I’m not sure how I would have handled it otherwise… I have been humbled by my experience with you all and I believe my attitude today is much better than it was when I embarked on this journey.”

About Hillbuzz.org

Founded and edited by Hillary Clinton campaign volunteer Kevin DuJan in 2008, Hillbuzz.org has evolved into one of the Internet’s most heavily-trafficked political humor and punditry sites, attracting over 13 million readers in its first two years. The site offers DuJan’s unique perspective as a gay man, Cleveland Ohio native, former Democrat and TEA Party activist, along with commentary and illustrations from several undercover Conservative and Independent contributors. Kevin DuJan has been interviewed by CNN, the Associated Press and USA Today, among others, and Hillbuzz.org has been featured by Michelle Malkin, RedState.com, AmericanSpectator.com, TheAtlantic.com, and a number of prominent political websites.

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