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Bill Maher Defends David Letterman

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Bill Maher Defends David Letterman (Press Release Distribution) – Jun 17,2009 –

(PressMediaWire) June 16, 2009 – CNN – On his appearance today on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, HBO Host Bill Maher, defended CBS Late Night Host David Letterman of allegations made against him regarding a joke about Gov. Sarah Palin and her 14-year old daughter.

Bill Maher blames the media for making people believe David Letterman made a rape joke about Gov. Sarah Palin’s 14-year old daughter. Also he blames the media for making him apologize to something David letterman never meant. Bill Maher said “I promise you the 14-year old was not in their mind” meaning the audience. He continued to say “It was not offensive in any way”.

At the close of their interview, he gave a word of caution (joke) to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer saying ” Don’t let Sarah Palin shoot you from a helicopter, Wolf”.

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