An Overview of First Care Homes Residential Services

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An Overview of First Care Homes Residential Services

Who are First Care Homes?

First Care Homes is a family run company that is responsible for a series of award winning premium care homes in the UK. Their two flagship Care & Nursing homes are The Cambridgeshire Care Home as well as Park View Care Home in Ipswich.

What Is a Private Residential Care Home?

Residential Care is the act of providing care for older people who cannot complete daily routines without aid. This includes help for those who need assistance getting around, washing, dressing, eating meals and those who need support to protect them against isolation.

Residential care for the elderly is not to be confused with what some organisations describe as ‘residential care,’ which is the offering of services such as specialised and nursing care to younger adults.

Residential care homes are a safe and secure environment where you or your loved one can receive around the clock care and support.

Individualised Care Plans for the Elderly

At First Care Homes, we will ensure that our resident’s care will be tailored to the individual. Our approach has a person first focus and there is no exception to that rule.

Before admission to our home, the future resident will be subject to a ‘pre-admission’ assessment. With this assessment, our home manager will be able to tailor an individualised care plan to the resident’s needs. We have regular reviews of this care plan to make sure that the correct care is always given and to put in place any changes that need making.

We make each care plan to meet the specific needs of the individual. This includes spiritual, physical, occupational and day-to-day living needs. In our residential care home, our resident’s plan will enable them to partake in all the activities they enjoy, eat the foods they like and sleep at their own preferred time.

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