Alchemy Viral Supports Educating the Children Charity Work in Masai Mara

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Alchemy Viral Supports Educating the Children Charity Work in Masai Mara

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Alchemy Viral Supports Educating the Children Charity Work in Masai Mara (Press Release Distribution) – Aug 30,2012 –

London – Leading UK charity Educating the Children – which works to raise awareness of children’s issues in Kenya’s Masai Mara – will be supported by one of the UK’s leading online Web Search Optimisation providers. Alchemy Viral has this week reported its support and backing for the work done by Educating the Children in the Kenyan region.

Children in Masai Mara face many problems unfamiliar to the west, and Educating the Children works to draw attention to these issues. Among the problems encountered by ETC in its work are Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and enforced childhood marriages.

Western tourists have long visited the Masai Mara region to enjoy safari and wildlife holidays, but remain unaware of the issues faced by children there. The Educating the Children was founded after one of its founders took a trip to Masai Mara where they saw evidence of the region’s poor education standards and low schooling levels.

One of the main issues which Educating the Children seeks to shine a light on is enforced marriage of young girls. SEO specialist Alchemy Viral’s Managing Director Andreas Voniatis is committed to supporting ETC schemes throughout the region, which at the moment include the construction of a secondary school for girls.

Andreas Voniatis says, “I have great sympathy with the aims of ETC. My daughter is just 3 months old. Like every parent in every country I have high hopes for her. I can’t imagine her being denied an education, or even worse being a victim of enforced marriage or FGM”.  

“I want to spread the word about the charity’s work. We will be quite overt in our support of ETC to all of the people we communicate with, be it by email, our website, or corporate activities. We are also supporting the charity with what we do best… raising their profile on the web. We have already created a Facebook page for the charity and added a link to our Facebook page. We are Tweeting regularly about ETC and teaching them also the importance of regular publishing and how to earn coverage across the web”, Andreas went on.

Sonal Kadchha, co-founder of ETC, said of Alchemy Viral’s support: “I’m very pleased that Andreas has come on board to support ETC – not only is he contributing financially but his help in increasing our online presence is invaluable given the importance of social media in the world today”.

Educating the Children recently announced that it would name one of the new secondary school’s classrooms for Andreas’ young daughter, Julia. Andreas himself plans to visit the region to see the charity’s great work with his own eyes.

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Alchemy Viral was founded in 2007. The company started out servicing small enterprises and now works with major digital agencies in the UK, Germany and Australia, working for major brands and publicly quoted companies. It is fast becoming one of Europe’s leading multilingual web search media publishing firms providing safe and ethical web search optimisation for their clients. It is the only firm in the UK that gears its practices and measures of success beyond the search engines such as Google and Bing. It uses other unique methods to find potential customers and drive them to the target website, bringing more visitors and hence business to clients. Clients are delighted with the results. The team also has the advantage of speaking a number of languages including, French, German, Swedish and Russian, to name but a few.

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