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Incorporating Vastu Shastra into Your Home after Your Trip to India

Indian Interior Furnishing Trends in Modern Homes As the UK’s interior décor industry continues to evolve, it is not unusual to see some concepts borrowed from different parts the world. In recent times, Indian style has become a growing feature in some homes. From the variety of rich colour on display to bone-inlay cabinets placed [...]

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With the importance of online presence becoming more and more dominant within marketing strategies, it often becomes difficult for businesses of all sizes to successfully and effectively target their ideal audience within the local area. SeeLocal, an innovative online advertising platform designed to help local business’ focus their advertising on local customers in a simple [...]

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Designhill Launches Service to Provide Access to the Top 5% of Design Talent Worldwide

Certainly one the world’s most recognised online graphic design platforms, Designhill has added a new solution to its array of services. The launch of the new service ‘Designhill Services’ is set to provide better options and opportunities for the company’s clients and designers. Designhill has done exceedingly well in actualising its vision to connect passionate [...]

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It’s A Clean Sweep For Spain In Awards For Clean Beaches

Spain’s unrivalled choice of clean, well-maintained beaches has been highlighted by the latest Blue Flag Awards, said property specialist in May, adding that the Costa Blanca in particular should be celebrated for its number of quality beaches, making homeownership there even more appealing. Blue Flag status has been granted to 579 beaches in Spain [...]

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Property Cash Buyers Simplifies fast Property Sales in the UK

United Kingdom, England (April 6, 2017)- Property Cash Buyers is a company that has helped many homeowners with a fair cash offer on their home. The company was established to alleviate the pressure on owners who are selling a property and are looking to complete the sale as fast as possible. To further improve property [...]

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2017’s Unsure Economic Conditions Sustain ‘safe haven’ Status Of French Ski Home Market

Guaranteed rental returns, a strong dollar and very attractive mortgage rates continue to make ski homes in the French Alps an attractive option to international investors looking for a secure immovable asset during 2017. Political and economic uncertainty throughout global markets are helping to steer wealthy investors to property in established markets, where prices are [...]

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This is Why Addiction Treatments Fail, says Sanctuary Lodge, Essex CEO

There are some very specific reasons why addiction treatments fail according to Eytan Alexander, CEO of Essex based clinic Sanctuary Lodge (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).  "The Quality of staff and treatment methods are the key" as also stated by Essex County Council. Essex, England February 1st 2017: There are a number of reasons why after undergoing treatment in [...]

By | 2017-04-27T11:28:07+00:00 February 17th, 2017|Uncategorized|0 Comments All You Need to Know About Pre Paid Funeral Plans just created a detailed guide aimed at helping anyone review their best available options, when it comes to reasonably priced pre-paid funerals. Plymouth, United Kingdom - February 17, 2017 (Updated April 29th 2017) Dealing with the death of a family member is always a heartbreaking experience, but it can also be incredibly stressful unless preparations [...]

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