2012: The Year of The Balance Transfer

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2012: The Year of The Balance Transfer

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2012: The Year of The Balance Transfer

PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) – Feb 17,2012 –

MIAMI, FL., — In a recent survey, Credit-Land.com found thatapproximately 15 balance transfer credit cards offered newly extended in to 2012 their introductory offers of up to 21 months with 0% APR and zero balance transfer fees. Some card issuers, like the Navy Federal Credit Union, or even Chase Slate, may have been influenced by the revolutionary idea of Balance Transfer Day on December 11, 2011 announced by editor-in-chief at Credit-Land.com, Michael Germanovsky. In 2011,NFCU, for example, outright advertised their credit card with zero balance transfer fee, calling it Balance Transfer Day promotion. With this information it is clear that balance transfer offers are catering more towards the consumer in 2012.

Credit-Land.com analyzed the balance transfer credit card visa credit card offers offers of the top banks, including JP Morgan Chase, CitiBank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One and American Express. Ten of the cards surveyed offered a zero balance transfer fee.All of them offered balance transfer credit cards with at least a 6-month introductory period with 0% APR.

With no balance transfer fee, 0% APR and extended promotional periods offered by many trusted banks, a balance transfer credit card is the way to go for quick and efficient debt relocation.It has been proven by Credit-Land.com that the concept of transferring balances is very popular to help reduce debt overload and increase your credit score, by reducing credit card balance without a high interest rate. Just check out the attention the Balance Transfer Day got in the media.

Unlike preceding years, there is an abundance of consumer-aimed low-interest balance transfer credit cards on the market. One reason for this is increasing competition, thankfully, Credit-Land.com’s Balance Transfer Comparison Table allows consumers to sift through the competition and find the best balance transfer deal, like the 18 month of zero interest that come with recent visa credit card offers.

This table allows consumers who are interested in a balance transfer to compare balance transfer credit cards side by side. The Credit-Land.com Balance Transfer Comparison Table details the introductory APRs, length of introductory periods and subsequent APR, balance transfer fees and annual feesfor many major balance transfer credit cards. CreditLand’s Balance Transfer Comparison Table allows interested consumers to make an informed decision right before they click apply.

Balance transfer credit cards are a good option for those who have good or excellent credit and want to consolidate and ultimately reduce their debt by not paying interest for 18 month, for example. Excellent credit isn’t required to apply, but many balance transfer credit card issuers check consumer’s FICO score, before approving them for a balance transfer credit card. Consumers with bad credit should hold off on a balance transfer credit card application, as a denial may further decrease your credit score.

About CreditLand.com:

Credit Land is an award winning company that monitors personal finance industry since 1999.The company systematically gathers, records, and analyzes data relating to personal finance products and services. The goal of industry research is to identify and assess how changing financial regulations and geopolitical events, impacts customer behavior and banks marketing strategies. Based on industry research and new technologies, including proprietary analytical software that allows tracking consumer from initial product search to the final moment when a consumer makes a decision to submit a credit card application; Credit Land has developed a card rating system that helps consumers to evaluate credit cards for every need, including low interest credit cards, small and large purchase, balance transfers, rewards, and improving your credit history.

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