Therapy on the go!

Therapy on the go!

Portable massagers fuel huge rise in use of magnetic therapy, says leading company Norstar Magnetics

Norstar Magnetics is at the forefront of ushering in an age of anytime, anywhere alternate therapy through portable massagers.

England, November 2015

It is a well-known fact that the cost of health care is spiralling out of control. With our population steadily ageing it is also a fact that people are beginning to explore alternative therapies more seriously. It is no surprise then that magnetic therapy is seen as a viable option as its simple application can control a painful condition, minimising or eliminating the need for normal drug-based pain medication.

It is here that Norstar Magnetics ( stands like a shining star, offering a plethora of products that can potentially answer most problems caused by age, stress, nerve conditions etc.  And that’s not all. The products themselves are so compact and easy to carry, that their application is confined by neither time nor space.

Faith, from Hampshire, is a keen skier, and together with her family, she has taken annual ski holidays for many years.

But one fateful day in 2009, Faith slipped two discs in her back. “I felt this horrid pain shoot up right side of my back,” she said.

Two months in, with £40 a session osteopathy not an option there seemed no other way out, and Faith had to resort to regular Ibuprofen.

‘I felt like an old lady, walking with a stoop, and I became afraid to do things such as gardening or lifting shopping bags. Even gentle yoga or Pilates proved too much. As the ski season approached, after nearly a year of agony, it dawned on me that I’d never ski again. I felt thoroughly depressed.”

Desperate to get her life back, Faith sought help in alternative therapies.

“I’d heard of somoene who’d used magnets to good effect for back pain. I bought a £50 band from Norstar Magnetics  – I figured it wasn’t too much to pay if it didn’t work out.”

Due to the compact size of the band, Faith had no trouble keeping it on around the clock and even when she was on the move. And to her surprise, she soon found herself feeling tonnes better. And, within months, she was back on her skis.

“Nervously, I started out on the nursery slope and managed to slide down about 6 metres. I had tears in my eyes as I thought: ‘I can do this’. I attribute all my recovery to wearing magnet.”

Faith isn’t the only believer out there. Numerous people are resorting to Magnetic therapy with proven results and their number is increasing every passing day. With a promise to help alleviate pain and address everyday ailments ranging from arthritis, migraine, back pain, nerve pain, circulation issues, muscle pain, joint pain, tendon and tissue problems, Norstar Magnetics offers easy-to-use, easy-to-carry, compact products like lumbar supports, ankle wraps, body wraps, magnetic insoles, pillow pads and the Magnessage.

Thanks to Norstar Magnetics, your personal ‘magnetic therapists’ can now travel with you, wherever you go.

About Norstar Magnetics

In the field of magnetic therapy ( is well-known for spearheading the process of providing original, inventive and ground-breaking products that address its customers’ pain points. Its ever-expanding and highly impressive portfolio is equipped to deal with a host of ailments brought on by the demanding lifestyles we live today.

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