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Leading Vaser Liposuction Company Riding the Wave

Advanced Lipo Centre, the UK’s leading Vaser specialist, is bringing a once scoffed at liposuction technique to the forefront of aesthetic surgeries, with proven results. This revolutionary liposuction technique uses ultrasound waves to break down fatty tissues and deposits without using invasive surgical techniques, allowing patients to return to their daily routine in a vastly [...]

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More men are turning to Vaser Lipo says leading UK clinic

According to the Advance Lipo Center,the advent of the minimal-invasive Vaser technique has meant 150% more men are turning to liposuction than before. The clinic´s surgeon Dr Bassi has confirmed that half his patients are men. Hove, England, August 2015 –Dr Bassi, a cosmetic surgeon ( in the Advance Lipo Center, confirmed that nowadays he [...]

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